The Late-Great Iron Sheik’s 10 Greatest Tweets, Ranked

The Iron Sheik generated a legendary amount of heat throughout his career and deservedly has his place in the WWE Hall of Fame. And although he is sadly no longer with us, he certainly stirred up much controversy and drama along the way!

The Iron Sheik made Twitter humble!
The Iron Sheik made Twitter humble!

If you have been a follower of The Iron Sheik on Twitter over the years, you never knew what kind of crude, out-of-the-blue tweet you were going to see in your feed!

Chances are it had something to do with dog excrement, Chris Brown’s mother, his hatred for North Korea, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, or his disdain towards several wrestlers he’s shared the ring with over the years.

But really, the sky is the limit here. The Sheik was nothing short of a surprise package on Twitter.

As social media gets bigger and bigger, many wrestlers, former wrestlers, or celebrities, in general, may feel they have to tread lightly and watch what they say, especially in an age where being offended over small things is becoming a regular occurrence.

The Iron Sheik, blue tick, verified and all, could not care less about being politically correct, which really sets him apart from many other big names on social media.

Strap yourself in because we will be highlighting his greatest tweets. You’ll either love his Twitter, or you’ll hate it. It’s so outlandish that you can’t sit on the fence.

In no particular order, here are some of the craziest and most memorable tweets from one of the craziest men to grace the squared circle (and social media)!

1. USE HIS ALARM CLOCK!The Iron Sheik recommends his alarm clock to all dumb pieces of ****

Promoting an item to buy the traditional way is passé and doesn’t inspire the idea of actually purchasing it. Only The Iron Sheik could pull this kind of promotion off. The aggressive nature of this plug leaves you at least thinking about buying the Iron Sheik alarm clock — If not, you can go **** yourself!. Sheik makes his point very clear.The Iron Sheik beats up clocks

After an in-depth Internet investigation was conducted, it looks like The Sheik may have contradicted himself after he expressed his hatred for clocks just two months before his great advertisement.

In fairness, he never name-dropped that he hated alarm clocks here, just clocks in general, but the timeline of the two tweets are notably quite hilarious.

As the alarm clock’s release was a few years ago, we aren’t too sure if it’s still available, but we linked to it above anyway. These couple of reviews below show that it may have been worth the dollar that it cost.

“Gets me motivated to wake up when I hear the taunts of the legendary Iron Sheik, the greatest wrestling villain of all time!! Works great too!! Wake up, you, Jabroni!!!” — Comedian138.

“It’s an alarm clock. It’s funny. I would love to hear more quotes too. It’s worth a buck. Respect the legend.” — Weaponlordzero.

Suppose you managed to grab yourself the alarm clock in the past. Major kudos to you. Let us know what you thought of it.

2. No one and nothing is safe from The Iron Sheik, especially Monday!The Iron Sheik thinks Monday is a dumb son of a bitch!

The Iron Sheik was human, after all; he hates Mondays just like the rest of us! I think it can be safely said that we are all in favor of The Sheik putting Monday in a devastating camel clutch hold.The Iron Sheik hates Mondays

If you wondered what the time limit was on The Sheik’s hatred for Monday, you could rest easy; the answer is here for you to see. Yes, the great Iron Sheik indeed hates Monday forever.The Iron Sheik hates Wednesday, Thursday and whichever day today is

The other days on the calendar better watch themselves, too. The Iron Sheik is not the biggest fan of the Wednesday or the Thursday or any other day for that matter.

Monday specifically. If you’re reading this, go **** yourself! Thanks for the inspiration there, Sheik.

3. Never Hand The Iron Sheik a Warm Beer!The Iron Sheik hates warm beer

Sheikie loved beer… but only if it was cold. We can understand this. We’d be scared to be in the same room as the legendary Iron Sheik if he went to take a sip of what he was expecting to be a nice cold beer, only to discover it was warm. A lot of cursing and broken glass would be the main expectation after such a horrific discovery.The Iron Sheik wants a cold beer

The man was very passionate about cold beers, with a large emphasis on the word cold.

Planning on drinking tonight? Raise one for The Iron Sheik!

The Iron Sheik raising his ice cold Budweiser. Cheers!
The Iron Sheik raising his ice-cold Budweiser. Cheers!

The Iron Sheik knows just where to put his beer bottles

If you happen to disagree with #teamsheikie, expect the consequences. The Iron Sheik had more than one use for a beer bottle.

4. The Iron Sheik is Not a Fan of Justin BieberThe Iron Sheik hates Justin Bieber

One of the safest bets you could ever make while Iron Sheik was alive was betting that The Iron Sheik was not a Belieber. A simple “**** you” is not enough to sum up Sheik’s hatred for Justin Bieber. You’d have to multiply it to a 12-digit figure to get anywhere close to these hatred levels!The Iron Sheik tricks people on April Fools Day into believing he is a Belieber!

He had nice things to say about the man eventually, but only for one sentence. Sadly for Bieber, he didn’t mean a single word of it. The Iron Sheik pulled an April Fools Day joke on the controversial singer, following up with some words that are not PG.

The Iron Sheik wants Justin Bieber to go F himself

The insults that The Iron Sheik came up with are very extravagant, but he shows his versatility here with something more simplistic.

This would be over the top if it were anyone else. However, with Sheik, a tweet of this caliber is showing a soft side.

5. The Iron Sheik Isn’t a Fan of Miley Cyrus, Either

The Iron Sheik throws shade at Miley Cyrus

Another sweet-turned-sour tweet haunts another celebrity as Iron Sheik began by congratulating Miley on winning an award, which sounds all nice and lovely, until he specified what the award was for.

Sheik came in like a wrecking ball on this occasion.

(Okay, that wasn’t good).

The Iron Sheik congratulates Miley Cyrus for being a jabroni

That wasn’t the only award that The Iron Sheik handed Miley Cyrus. To go with the illustrious Golden Globe, Sheik gifted her an Emmy a few months earlier.

We aren’t too sure she would keep the awards on display if she knew what they represented!

The Iron Sheik has much love for Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus

We are praying that The Iron Sheik didn’t take a “scroll” down memory lane as he looks back on these tweets because he may vomit at the sight of this photo immediately.The Iron Sheik wishing Miley Cyrus a good F to herself

It’s up for debate whether The Iron Sheik hated Miley the same amount as the 12-digit figure that Bieber received. Maybe not. He did use some manners here.

6. Hulk Hogan Isn’t The Iron Sheik’s Brother, BrotherThe Iron Sheik wishes Hulk Hogan a happy birthday (and a broken leg)

Sheik possessed so much hatred for celebrities that he has never crossed paths with, so you can make sure that his hatred also stemmed from fellow wrestlers that he actually has had dealings with in the past.

The Iron Sheik’s animosity for Hulk Hogan is on a more personal level considering they have known one another for decades.

The tweet itself is in reference to one of the most significant matches to take place in the history of the business.

January 23rd, 1984 marked the day Hulkamania was born. Hulk Hogan defeated The Iron Sheik to win his first WWF championship. The momentum Hulk gained from that victory never subsided.

An urban legend surrounded by the match is that the AWA owner, Verne Gagne, had offered The Iron Sheik $100,000 to break Hulk Hogan’s leg during the match.

The reason behind such a dastardly offer was because Hulk Hogan had left AWA for WWF without giving Verne any notice, leaving him furious.

Thankfully for Hulk, The Iron Sheik had too much respect for the McMahons and opted not to take Verne’s offer, and dropped the belt to Hogan in drama-free circumstances.

The decades that have passed since that illustrious day have The Iron Sheik in a different frame of mind, indicating that he would break Hogan’s leg this time around if given another opportunity.

On a Talk is Jericho episode, Hogan confirmed the wrestling urban legend as true. "I did the most unethical thing you could do in the wrestling business; I just split," he said.

"That’s when Verne tried to get Sheik to break my leg in the Garden."

"Sheik, thank God, had enough conscience of mind to tell Vince about it. That was a true story," Hogan said to his relief.

Also on Talk is Jericho, The Sheik got to reveal his side of the story.

That’s legit because over there at that time, Hulk Hogan was in Minnesota, and from Minnesota, he came through to New York.

“Mr. Verne Gagne, one night before the match with Hogan, he called me and told me, ‘Sheik, don’t drop the belt to Hogan. Come back to Minnesota.

“I will take care of you and give you $100,000. And Jimmy Crockett is going to take care of you because, at that time, they had the competition from each other.”

The Iron Sheik then explained his conversation with both Vince Sr. and Jr.

“I told them about my conversation with Mr. Gagne. ‘He called me. He told me don’t lose the belt. Break his leg and take the belt to Minnesota.

“I want to let you know, you guys, because of the respect I have for you and the respect I have for getting a break in New York.

“I can’t do that, and I’m not going to go.’ And then they hugged me in appreciation. And it is a true story.”

In The Iron Sheik’s ridiculously entertaining shoots that he’s done, he mainly puts his animosity towards Hogan down to their encounters at signings, amongst many other legends.

Sheik said that Hogan would act all nice, give him a hug and a kiss and say, ‘Sheikie baby, I love you! Give me your number!’ Hogan never called him, and it has left a sour taste in his mouth ever since.

7. Animosity Toward Ultimate Warrior

The Iron Sheik on his animosity towards idiot *** baby, Ultimate Warrior

The more creative the insult, the more he hates you. This vintage Iron Sheik tweet from 2012 shows how much he disliked The Ultimate Warrior and his figurative son ‘Ultimate Warrior Idiot A** Baby,’ as Sheik calls him.

At a 2007 signing in New Jersey, it was a public incident that really ignited a fire between the two. The Iron Sheik’s manager, Eric Simms, brought Sheik over to The Ultimate Warrior for a photo opportunity.

Both Eric and even Sheik weren’t aware that there was heat with Warrior, but there was… The Iron Sheik offered a handshake with The Ultimate Warrior and was declined.

The Iron Sheik isn’t the kind of man to go back to his table with his tail tucked in between his legs — so in total Iron Sheik fashion, he started yelling at The Warrior, challenging him to a fight as dozens of onlookers watched on.

Sheik was also incredibly angry at his manager Eric for bringing him over and pushed him very aggressively a couple of times. The angry tirade ended with Sheik spitting on the floor and leaving.

Watch The Iron Sheik Challenge Ultimate Warrior to a Fight as Dozens of Onlookers Look On:

YouTube video

The video’s original upload is sporting over a million views on YouTube, and the uploader gave his first-hand perspective of the incident in the bio.

“This happened 5/6/07 at a New Jersey sports show. When I was in line to meet the Warrior, the Sheik approached him and tried to shake his hand.

“The Warrior refused and said, ‘I’m not shaking a hypocrite’s hand. You went around telling people I was on drugs. Get out of my face.’

“At this point, I pulled my trusty digital camera out of my pocket and filmed the encounter starting at that point. The Sheik goes nuts, even decking one of the promoters!

“I heard that Sheik attacked him again as he was attempting to hide behind a table.

“Security tried to confiscate my camera as I was leaving, but I headed out the door before the police came.”

Silence was the Warrior’s response as The Iron Sheik unleashed a flurry of angry words at him.

On his official website, is where he did the talking, though the post has since been taken down. You can read the statement in full here.

The Ultimate Warrior spoke about the incident with a huge write-up. Highlights from the write-up are down below.

The video was uploaded to his website so he could give context and gave this warning.

“Being a man of good manners, I want to somewhat apologize for not being able to provide some kind of preliminary warning about the video clip, even better yet, some kind of password authorization for it to be played, but I don’t know how to set something like that up yet.

“I post the clip here only because I want what I have to say about the event to be understood in the proper context, and that would be more difficult to achieve if the video has not been seen.

” It does contain vulgar use of adult language, and it does bother me that young kids will potentially view it without proper adult supervision to explain why I’ve posted it here and what I have to say about it.

“If you have some type of parental control, please use it,” Warrior writes.

“What you see on the video beyond Sheik’s obvious and maniacal self-destruction not anything new to him but kept secret by his fawning, fearful industry marks is one of my long-expressed principles of life in action: There’s nothing so embarrassing or intimidating as another human being who can kick your a** with their mind.

“For the last ten years at Warrior Web, I’ve been telling you about it and, more, telling you who I am. I don’t know why so many are still always surprised when I bring into action what I’ve long put into words.

“My reaction to Sheik’s confrontation parallels perfectly the principled, classy, and classical behavior standards I’ve held myself to for years.”

Warrior continues writing, “I’m not a two-faced hypocrite. I am a principled man, and I don’t swap out my principles to just make nice.

“I did not know Sheik was going to be there or that he would attempt to come up and shake my hand. It doesn’t matter. My reaction in these instances is automatic.

“You lyingly smear me. I let you know I don’t appreciate it, and I don’t befriend you. Period.

“All these former wrestlers have gone wildly out of their way to disparage, ridicule, and mischaracterize me and done so like there would be no damaging effect on my reputation or the livelihood of my own family.

“It’s not a joke to me, and I’m not going to diffidently treat it like one. You will never see me shake the hand of any of them that I know have done it, not Hulk, not Bret Hart, not Steve Borden, not Goldberg, not Dibiase, not Ross, not Heenan, not any of the McMahon’s, never.”

The Iron Sheik -- The Ultimate Warrior hugs Vince McMahon after claiming he would never shake hands with him again

Warrior’s passionate response to The Iron Sheik and his life principle run-down did crumble eventually. Shortly before his passing, The Ultimate Warrior accepted a WWE Hall of Fame induction and reconciled with Vince McMahon.

The Iron Sheik -- The Ultimate Warrior shakes hands with Hulk Hogan after claiming he would never shake hands with him again

Hulk Hogan and Warrior also embraced each other. It appears The Ultimate Warrior found peace in his final days, and all the anger in his system evaporated.

There were whispers from those close to Warrior that his peace with Hogan wasn’t genuine — Hogan himself, though, believed it was genuine, and the two found true peace with one another.
The Iron Sheik loves The Ultimate Warrior after all!As for The Iron Sheik, he continued to tweet bad things about The Ultimate Warrior even in the days before his sudden passing.

When he did pass, though, Sheik sent out a heartwarming tweet/Instagram video saying anything bad he said about him was a work and that he loved him forever.

8. North Korea and The Iron Sheik Don’t Get Along

The Iron Sheik calls out North Korea for being a jabroni

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman, who appeared several times for WCW, is known on top of all that for his visits to North Korea and his relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

It’s improbable that you’ll be seeing The Iron Sheik following in those footsteps.

Sheik wished them a sarcastic good day, a trademark of his following insults. Whether you’re a person or an entire country, you are not out of Iron Sheik’s crosshairs.The Iron Sheik wishes many ****s upon North Korea

In 1995, New Japan and WCW teamed up to do a pay-per-view held over two days in North Korea called Collision in Korea.

There is a fantastic write-up on this event here. Jointly over the two days, the attendance was a record-breaker for pro wrestling, estimating around 350,000 people.

That number also represents the number of times The Iron Sheik wanted to make North Korea humble, another trademark of the great Iron Sheik.

9. McDonald’s For Dinner? Not a Chance for The Iron Sheik.The Iron Sheik does not dine at McDonalds

McDonald’s did not have The Iron Sheik’s seal of approval. Ronald McDonald’s safety would be jeopardized if he were to ever bump into the former WWF champion.

The Iron Sheik has disdain towards McNuggets

With every advertisement McDonald’s made on Twitter, there came a risk that The Iron Sheik would reply with some unfiltered thoughts.

And while The Iron Sheik wouldn’t get anything from their menu, he was happy to offer them an exclusive item from his own menu… a camel clutch with a side of salt.

The Iron Sheik -- KFC Arabia breaking kayfabe on The Undertaker and Kane

Maybe fast-food chains and wrestling just aren’t meant to get along. This tweet from KFC Arabia brutally breaking kayfabe was taken down, though the screen captures still live on.

10. The Iron Sheik Has No Time For Your Petty Feuds!The Iron Sheik has no time for your petty feuds!

Celebrity feuds are one of many things that The Sheik was not impressed by. This man was a part of one of wrestling’s greatest-ever rivalries with Sgt. Slaughter and this tweet may be the least surprising of all the others, though it is still awesome.

In a classic case of good versus evil, Sgt. Slaughter, the American hero, would do battle with the Iranian villain, Iron Sheik, at the famous Madison Square Garden three separate times, and each occasion was absolutely thrilling.

The first was a bloodied brawl that ended up with Slaughter being disqualified.

The second MSG bout was not short of brutality once again as both Slaughter and Sheik mercilessly brawled. Both men were disqualified on this occasion, resulting from both men pushing the referee.

The action was not limited from bell-to-bell — Slaughter continued to beat down Sheik after the match and had to be restrained. This was the perfect set up for the Boot Camp match.

The Boot Camp match, also at MSG, had the attention of all wrestling fans. The first two MSG bouts ended in a disqualification, and the point of the Boot Camp match was to prevent that.

With no rules, the match would go until either man was pinned.

The feud was so brutal that the referee in this match watched from the outside and only entered the ring upon counting pinfalls.

The American hero Slaughter and the Iranian villain Sheik shed lots of blood as they fought it out. The crowd went wild for Slaughter’s comeback!

Sgt. Slaughter sealed the victory with a big boot, culminating in one of the greatest feuds and matches.

Yes, now that’s a proper feud, Sheik.

The Death of Iron Sheik

Pro wrestling legend and Hall of Famer, The Iron Sheik, sadly passed away at 81 on June 7th, 2023. His official Twitter account announced news of his passing.

Although it is uncertain what will happen to his vibrant Twitter account in the future, some of his very best tweets are now saved here for prosperity to entertain people for years to come. RIP, Sheiky baby!

According to many sources, Iron Sheik’s Twitter account was handled by his managers, the Magen brothers, Page Magen and Jian Magen. They’re a pair of Iranian Jewish twin brothers (the Bar Mitzvah Kings of Toronto, no less) who manage and create all Iron Sheik’s online content. Although Sheik may not have had a hand in the content featured above, the tweets sure do entertain! 

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