Secret History of WWE’s American Dream Dusty Rhodes: 18 Untold Stories

The Incomparable Dusty Rhodes

Photo Credit: WWE.

Dusty Rhodes never had the physique of a wrestling god, though his charisma and innate ability on the microphone more than made up for that.

He left an indelible mark on people in and out of the wrestling business, and when his name is mentioned, words of kindness and a lispy Dream impression always ensue. But what was the American Dream like when the cameras weren’t around?

"Playboy" Gary Hart on Meeting Dusty Rhodes for the Very First Time

Photo Credit: WWE.

Gary Hart, who has been credited with bringing Dusty Rhodes to the forefront of the pro wrestling scene almost forty years ago, had this to say on meeting Rhodes for the first time back in 1968.

This excerpt comes from Hart’s highly coveted autobiography:

"I came into the Fort Worth dressing room for a KTVT taping, and we saw this 260-pound blonde-headed kid with granny glasses on reading a book of poetry. We went over, said hello to him, and he introduced himself as Virgil Runnels.”

“I’ll Stick With Dusty”

Photo Credit: WWE.

Gary Hart continued with his recollection of meeting Dusty Rhodes for the first time in 1968:

"During the course of our conversation, he mentioned that his ring name was Dusty Rhodes. I’m a big fan of the movie ‘A Face in the Crowd,’ where Andy Griffith starred as Larry’ Lonesome; Rhodes, so I suggested, ‘What about calling yourself Lonesome Rhodes?’

"‘Well…I don’t plan on being ‘Lonesome," Dusty said, clearly unimpressed. ‘I think I’ll stick with Dusty.’”

Watching Dusty Rhodes Wrestle for the First Time

Photo Credit: WWE.

"When it came time for Dusty’s match,” Gary Hart remembered, “I went out to see him wrestle. I liked his look, but that was all I knew.

"I can’t say I was blown away by his finesse because he wasn’t very good at the mechanics of wrestling and only knew how to do a clothesline and a hammerlock. I was most taken with his charisma and energy."

Despite not being blown off his feet right away, Gary Hart saw something in Dusty.

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Seeing Potential in Rhodes Straight Away

Photo Credit: WWE, Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

As the story goes, Dusty was supposed to lose to Grizzly Smith that night. However, Hart knew that if this happened, Rhodes would forever be known as a jobber in Fritz Von Erich’s Texas territory, so Hart begged and pleaded with Fritz to change the outcome of the match.

Finally, after much pestering, while TV tapings were underway, Fritz allowed Hart to go out there and change the match’s finish as it was taking place.

Hart saw Rhodes’ potential right away, and from there, Dusty Rhodes was made in the Texas territory.

Dusty Rhodes on His Time as a Wrestler

Photo Credit: WWE.

In an interview with, Dusty Rhodes opened up about his thoughts on the business and his time in wrestling.

"People talk about our business being entertainment. People talk about our business being a work. But for that moment, that one moment [to win the championship], it almost takes your breath away…

"There were seven hundred or eight hundred kids around, during my era, that was trying to get in the industry. Wahoo McDaniel would have died to wear that belt for one hour.

"Guys like that. Great athletes.

"You finally get to your room. You see it. You’ve got to kind of remind yourself where you’re at. It was a big deal.

"I loved my era. I thought it was the best. I thought Crockett was the best.

"During that period of time, I thought the NWA was the cat’s meow, and that’s what was going on.

"The times changed. You have to change with them. It’s never going to go back there. [But] if everything remained the same, it wouldn’t be no fun."

Dusty On Becoming "The American Dream"

Photo Credit: WWE.

In that same interview with, Dusty opened up about becoming "The American Dream."

"It wasn’t about the money; it was about the fans," Dusty admitted.

"Looking like I look – I’m not a bodybuilder by no means, and having a relationship with the fans like I’ve had through the years if I was losing, they were losing.

“If I was winning, they were winning.

“If I was crying, they were crying.

“That’s probably the most important thing as far as entertaining large groups of people is that athlete that you are and maintaining such a special relationship with the fans.

"When you came to the building to see me, like me or not, I gave you your money’s worth. That was the most important thing to me. Money came along – hell, I’ve made enough money to buy Miami, and as Jimmy Buffett would say, I’ve [thrown] it all away.

"So what, you know what I mean? I’ll make more tomorrow.

"I wake up in the morning looking for that American dream that so many people miss…so many kids don’t really understand what it means to go out and capture that American dream, or ride on the end of a lightning bolt and jump off and grab another one before it crashes into the ground.”

The Story Behind Being the Son of a Plumber

Photo Credit: WWE.

"I think around 9 or 12 years old; I can’t remember how old I was. I’d been working in the summer for my dad. He was a plumber. I wasn’t a plumber by no means,” Dusty admitted.

“I was a ditch digger. I’d worked with a man named T.C. Lee down in Austin, and T.C. Lee would be in the ditch all day long, and he’d be working there, and I’d be digging the ditch, and he’d be standing on the shovel, and he said, ‘Someday, man, you’re gonna get that American dream…’ and it hit me.

"In 1974, talking with the late great Gordon Solie down in Florida. And I said one day, ‘I’m the American Dream, Dusty Rhodes,’ not thinking what was going to happen. I’ve become the American Dream for the common man, the common folk."

Dusty Rhodes, The Storyteller

Photo Credit: Dr Tom Prichard.

On his now-defunct website,, Tom Prichard shared his thoughts on Dusty Rhodes.

"The American Dream Dusty Rhodes is one of the old school icons who is as charismatic as it gets.

"They broke the mold when they made The Dream. He was one of those deceptively big men who could move like a cruiserweight. His intensity and passion is something that can’t be taught.

“We crossed paths over the years, but I really got to know Dusty Rhodes in Tampa over the last five years…”

“The Dream Was Larger Than Life”

Dr. Tom Prichard continued, "The Dream is larger than life and still as confident today as he was during his in-ring career. He set the bar high as promos and interviews go.

“Few could match his style and rhythm. As the booker and boss during the heyday of WCW, Dusty Rhodes was the ‘Bull of the Woods’ behind the scenes as much as he was in the ring!

"Dusty Rhodes tells a story with passion and adds enough spice to give it a unique flavor all its own.

"The conversations and time I spent with him were always entertaining and invaluable. I respect and love him."

Dusty Rhodes Had a Donkey Named Zeb

"We had a donkey named Zeb," Dusty Rhodes once shared in a 2013 interview with Bleacher Report. "He was a very entertaining SOB, okay?

"He could take a handkerchief off his back leg and untie it. He could kneel down and bow. And he was a rodeo donkey.

"We had a brand-new apartment house in Edina (Minnesota), and me and Hoyt Richard Murdoch tried to keep it in our new apartment. But it would go down the hall and proceed to just go to the bathroom.

"Eventually, the guy came to kick us out. Murdoch had the greatest face of all, and he looked at the guy and said, "Well, what for?" What for? The donkey had done crapped all over the hallway! He said, "Gentlemen, you can’t have a donkey in a place like this." True story. I’ve got pictures too."

Dusty’s Thoughts on His Sons Dustin and Cody Being in Wrestling

Photo Credit: WWE.

In the same interview where Dusty Rhodes opened up about his donkey, Zeb, Dusty also shared his thoughts on his sons Dustin and Cody joining the world of professional wrestling.

"Dustin snuck in the back door with Skandor Akbar down in Texas. His stepmom took him out to the training facility while I was on the road seven days a week. Before I knew it, he had already had his first match.

"It was in his blood; it was in his DNA. He, along with Murdoch and Barry Windham, I consider some of the greatest in-ring workers ever in our business. He was a natural—an unbelievable kid.

"He’s been fighting his demons all his life. As of late, it’s been a beautiful turnaround. He’s a beautiful kid.

"With Cody, he just broke it to me. With all the opportunities he had in school, I just broke down. I said, ‘I don’t want you in this industry. It will hurt you.’ It will hurt you bad because it’s like an addiction. Once that is in you, you can’t get off of it.

"The entertainment, the crowd, the noise. Our business is like a [bad habit]. But this is what he wanted to do since he was 18 years old. And he’s like me. Every waking moment he devotes to this industry. His success will come.

"Once he got in, I said, ‘Okay. Now I’m going to stay out of the way.’ I want to be like Peyton Manning’s dad. Out of the way.

"I don’t want to be someone saying, ‘Hey, why don’t you use my boy?’ You can ask Mr. McMahon or anybody. Never once. Cody calls his own shots. And calling me in. But I’m tired of having my ass kicked."

Dusty Rhodes on Being Blamed for Losing the Wrestling War to Vince McMahon

Dusty while working for the WWE in a black suit talking on a microphone
Photo Credit: WWE.

"That’s something I’ve stayed out of the mix on," Dusty admitted. "It was not important to me who they blamed. What we were doing wrestling-wise speaks for itself, and I’ve left it at that.

"I took a little minor league area down there, put genius to it.

"And yes, I still think I’m a genius after all this time, crazy egotistical maniac that I am.

"They always ask me, ‘Why did you put yourself on top?’ I asked Hunter the same thing. The would-be booker that he is. He doesn’t even have a finish named after him. How can Triple H be a great booker when he doesn’t have a finish named after him. Where were we?"

The American Dream Shares His Top Three Career Highlights

Dusty Rhodes in a Christmas hat and shirt with his arm around Diamond Dallas Page
Photo Credit: Diamond Dallas Page.

Before his untimely passing on June 11th, 2015, Dusty Rhodes shared his three greatest standout moments from his time in wrestling. The following excerpt was originally shared on (now known as

"There are three, and all are equally sweet memories.

"In front of Madison Square Garden on horseback, and when I looked down, I saw my wife Michele, and my family. My mom was sitting next to my friend George Steinbrenner.

“The designer Halston was there, so was Andy Warhol, Truman Capote, Cheryl Tiegs, and other celebrities.

“Looking up, I saw the announcement of Dusty Rhodes ’The American Dream’ on the marquee. Seeing the words Madison Square Garden and SOLD OUT was pretty heavy.

Dusty Rhode’s on Wrestling in Front of His Son Dustin

Photo Credit: WWE.

"Another one was at the Tokyo Dome in 1991 when I was in the ring with my son Dustin in front of 60,000 people.

“I was filled with pride, and it was a time that I’ll always cherish.”

Dusty’s Third Favorite Memory in Wrestling Might Surprise You

DDP and Randy Savage - The Heartwarming Story Behind Their Feud
Photo Credit: WWE.

"The third might surprise some people,” Dusty teased, “but it was when Dallas Page won the WCW Heavyweight Title.

He continued, “The coach in me made it one of my proudest moments. He was a floppy-eared mule in horrible shape and too stubborn to give up when I first met him. He wanted to learn it all. I liked that about him.

"I can still remember Dallas Page getting in the ring for the first time in Tampa against D. Slater. You know, it’s like goin’ deer huntin’. I love it, but it’s especially fun to take someone out the first time, show him how, and then watch him get excited about it.

"To see him climb his way to the top and see him with the belt was an accomplishment that everyone said would never happen."

There’s a reason why Randy Savage lobbied to put DDP over and give him the rub.

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Late-great wrestling manager Gary Hart once wrote about the time Dusty Rhodes showcased a talent unknown to some!

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