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PWS TOP 5: Wrestling Video Games

Author: Joey Finnegan (@TheNerdopotamus)


 Joey Finnegan here, bringing you my third feature on For this one, I suggested that we try something a little different. Since I run, which covers multiple subjects, I thought it’d interesting to see how the PWS crowd reacted to something else. Sure, it’s only a top 5 list. Not something monumental, but any little bit counts.

Let us know if you wouldn’t mind the occasional piece like this, where we connect wrestling to pop culture. We want to hear from you guys.

Anyway, for the first (and perhaps, only) PWS Top 5, we’re going into wrestling video games. This list goes on and on. There are wrestling arcade games, wrestling slot machines such as one featuring Hulk Hogan which some web casinos offer, and of course, straight up wrestling games for the many consoles that have passed through my grasp.

Those will be the focus of today’s work.

So let’s get started…


SmackDown: Here Comes The Pain


I owned this game and I loved it. I remember getting it for Christmas. I ripped open the wrapping paper and was thrilled to see Brock Lesnar staring at me. Upon looking into the title, I realized I remember the Bra and Panties match option that it offered, as well as being blown away by the fact that I could play in the Elimination Chamber. Ever since HBK won the first one in 2002, that has been my favorite gimmick match of all-time (yes, despite my recent offering here on PWS, I am a huge Shawn Michaels fan).


WCW/nWo Revenge videogames4

This is the best thing that WCW, as a company, ever did. Yeah, I wrote it. I stand by it. Turning Hogan heel was huge, and so was the nWo. However, given enough time, World Championship Wrestling managed to squander both.

They couldn’t do that with this game, though. It will forever live on as it was. If you get a copy of this game, it’ll be exactly how you remember it, the best fighting game of 1998, as decided by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences.

Seriously, that’s an award that the game won. It was definitely WCW’s crowning achievement. About three years after it came out, the company was out of business and owned by Vince McMahon.



Fire Pro Wrestling Returns


This game is on this list, exclusively because of how much fun I have had playing it with my buddies. It’s interesting. The controls veer towards the old WWF games on NES and SNES, but they don’t annoy me nearly as much. There’s just something about it. Sure, it’s hard, but it’s also a lot of fun. Plus, it offers a roster of over 300 wrestlers, all from various promotions.

That’s awesome. It doesn’t matter which wrestler or promotion that you’re a fan of – odds are you’ll find someone to play as.



No Mercy/WrestleMania 2000


These two games always went hand in hand for me. The engines were exactly the same. WM 2000 came out first, and was well-received. So, they decided to keep the majority of the game intact, and only change a few elements, including the Championship story lines, wrestler entrances, CAW’s, and others. The biggest change had to be the improved graphics.

Basically, when they made No Mercy, THQ and the WWF managed to make the perfect wrestling video game for the Nintendo 64 console. Many hail this as the best wrestling game ever made for nostalgic purposes.



WWE 2K16


This game offers the most fun I’ve ever had playing a wrestling video game. I can pick through a ridiculous amount of characters. I get to play through Stone Cold Steve Austin’s legendary career. There are all sorts of matches. The controls are all solid. I suck at getting out of submissions, but that’s my fault, not the game. 


There’s seriously so much to enjoy about this game. Oh, the graphics! They’re insane. Watch Finn Balor’s entrance on the right television, invite a grandparent or two into the room, and they’ll be convinced they’re watching a live WWE show. 

I can’t say enough good about this game. I mean, come on, Mikey Whipwreck is a playable character. That’s awesome! They already took my money, but here WWE, take more of it! Buy the game (if you haven’t already) here: Xbox One / Playstation 4.

So let us know what you think. Did we miss something off the list? Let us know in the comment section below!

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PWS Top 5: Wrestling Video Games

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