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Published on May 23rd, 2017 | by Bobby Mathews


The Manchester Edition

This Week in Pro Wrestling Stories: May 23, 2017

Author: Bobby Mathews   /  Editor: J Zarka

There are more important things than professional wrestling. Today’s ‘This Week‘ is going to be a little different, so bear with me. I was late getting to the keyboard yesterday, for a variety of reasons. And then when I finally settled down to write, I caught the news that an apparent suicide bomber had attacked an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England.

At least 22 people–some of them children–are dead, USA Today reports. As many as 70 are injured. The news hits close to home for us here at PWS. Site editor, JP Zarka, is an expatriate American living and working in England. He and his family are safe and sound. But it hits us for other reasons as well. JP has a young child, less than a year old. I have two little boys, ages six and two. Sometimes seeing the unbelievable cruelty and wanton destruction in this world hurts so badly that you want nothing more than to keep your children safe.

Attacks like this used to make me angry. I guess they still do, really. But the overwhelming sense I have these days is one of sadness. The world hasn’t gone mad. It’s been mad, for as long as human beings as we know them have lived on this planet. If we weren’t killing one another with pressure-cooker bombs, guns, and other implements of mass chaos, we’d still be doing it with rocks and sticks.

One of the worst things about this attack was that it blatantly targeted children and young people, and that makes me think of the current WWE audience. People like me–people who have long memories of blood-and-guts pro rasslin’ in small, smoke-filled arenas–aren’t WWE’s audience. We haven’t been since the Rock-n-Wrestling explosion of the mid-1980s. But children ARE the audience for WWE programming now. This attack could have easily been planned for a WWE event, and that should give us all pause. If you have children, hug them a little tighter today. I know that’s what I’m doing.

All right, that’s enough real life. Let’s talk about wrestling.

Last Week

I took a deep dive into the past of Don Jardine, the man who trained the Undertaker. Jardine worked the undercard for years before meeting Gary Hart and becoming the legendary Spoiler. Once he put on the hood, Jardine became a legendary figure in America and Australia, where he had huge box office success. He and a young Mark Callaway hooked up after the future ‘Taker got ripped off by Buzz Sawyer.

Joey Finnegan dropped Sami Zayn Answers John Cena’s Challenge as part of his Huge Crowd Reactions in Wrestling series.

If you’re interested in hearing the rest of our discussion on tag-team wrestling, catch me on the  Tapped Out Wrestling Podcast, hanging out with Myron and Nick again. It was a fun time, for sure. And toward the end of things, I sort of let slip a super-secret project I’m working on. Be sure to listen!

This Week

Thursday, Joey Finnegan will be back with another installment of Huge Crowd Reactions in Wrestling.

And then on Saturday, I’ll have a piece on Sex Scandals in Wrestling. Let’s just say that there’s A LOT of info to go through. It’s an ugly story, but it’s also one worth examining, too.

Hey, don’t forget to follow Pro Wrestling Stories on Twitter, and if you’re interested in leftist political diatribes, dumb jokes, and the very occasional wrestling morsel, I’m around, too: Maximum Bob.


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