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Published on May 29th, 2017 | by Bobby Mathews


Brickhouse Brown’s Health Takes a Turn for the Worse

This Week in Pro Wrestling Stories: May 29, 2017

Author: Bobby Mathews   /  Editor: J Zarka

Brickhouse Brown [Photo courtesy of Online World of Wrestling]

Brickhouse Brown had a tough time breaking into the wrestling business. One of the Apter Mags–The Wrestler, maybe?–did a rare semi-shoot interview with Brown where he talked about how hard it was to break into the wrestling business in the mid-1980s. Brown had a great look, though, and was finally broken into the business by the late Eddie Graham in Florida.

He went on to a solid, if not spectacular career, headlining the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis and taking the AWA Southern title from the King. Brown also wrestled for World Class, defeating Iceman King Parsons for the Texas title and holding the strap for seven months or so in 1988-89 before losing it to Gary Young. Brown was also part of a successful tag team with Norvell Austin, holding tag titles in the Continental Wrestling Federation, USWA, and Florida. His only national exposure seems to have been a couple of squash matches against Triple H and Henry O. Godwin for WWE.

My favorite Brickhouse Brown story involves a match between Brown, his tag team partner at the time (it may have been Austin) and the Midnight Express in Houston, Texas in 1984 or thereabouts. I don’t know whether the story is apocryphal or not, but it’s amusing nonetheless. The Midnights’ manager, Jim Cornette cut a promo about the upcoming match, telling Brown and his partner about the Houston employment scene–that there were a lot of jobs available for people in Texas, that he was sure Brown would find a job in Houston, and go on to do a LOT of jobs in Texas.

Brown was a solid midcard babyface or heel throughout his career, and had one of the stiffest dropkicks in the business, according to Mick Foley.

Last week, news broke that Brown–who has been battling cancer–only has six months to a year left to live. His cancer has now spread, and Brown has dropped 90 pounds or so. He has trouble walking, and is in tough financial shape. Brown’s friend Reggie B. Fine reported to Wrestling News Center that a benefit show to help Brown with medical bills and living expenses is in the works.

In happier news, yesterday was former ROH world champion and former WWE world champion Seth Rollins’s 31st birthday.

And nine years ago today, Dr. Phil Astin was indicted by a federal grand jury on 175 counts of writing thousands of illegal prescriptions to 17 patients over a five-year period. Astin’s most infamous patient was Chris Benoit. This was Astin’s second set of indictments. The first came ten months earlier: seven counts of over-prescribing painkillers and other drugs in July 2007, a few weeks following Benoit’s murder-suicide. Astin eventually pleaded guilty to all charges in January 2009 and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. He got off light–he was facing more than 300 years in prison and fines in excess of $170 million.

Last Week

I dropped a story on Deviants: Wrestlers Jailed for Sex Crimes, and we got a lot of questions about why The Fabulous Moolah wasn’t listed. While Moolah’s alleged actions–she’s accused of using her position to sexually harass and assault female wrestlers for years, as well as prostituting her students out to wrestlers and promoters–are completely reprehensible, she never faced formal charges or did any time in jail. You can expect a deeper piece on Moolah sometime in the future.

Joey Finnegan wrote Enzo and Cass Take Brooklyn as part of his Huge Crowd Reactions in Wrestling series. Check it out, if you haven’t already.

This Week

Happy Memorial Day, if you’re reading this in the USA. It’s a time to be thankful for the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines who made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of their country. It’s also a slow week at the office, folks. The site’s owner, JP,  is off on a family vacation in Spain, while I am in Richmond, Virginia for vacation, as well. But we’ll both be reachable via Twitter, so hit us up at Pro Wrestling Stories or if you’re interested in political diatribes, writing advice that sometimes works, dumb jokes, and the occasional wrestling discussion, I’m around, too: Maximum Bob.


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