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WCW’s ERIC BISCHOFF Blasted as ‘Loser, Maggot’ by Bret Hart

Bret Hart recently had some colorful words to share about WCW's Eric Bischoff on the Sam Roberts Podcast. Here's his comments and Bischoff's stiff response!

Eric Bischoff in WWE: Joining the Enemy

How were the seeds planted for the arrival of Eric Bischoff in WWE? Bischoff details the step-by-step process of joining the enemy.

Brad Armstrong – Your Favorite Wrestler’s Favorite Wrestler

"There’s always that one guy whose work shines through, regardless of the size of the role he’s given.." Brad Armstrong was a favorite to work with for many

Stone Cold STEVE AUSTIN Stuns The Alliance

It doesn’t matter if you saw this for the first time now or sixteen years ago. This is the kind of action that gets fans fully torqued.

STING in WWE: His Unlikely Journey

Sting in WWE Here's how the greatest wrestler never to have performed for the company made his unlikely journey to the WWE and the injury that ended it all.

The Best and Worst of WCW’s Halloween Havoc!

From its extravagant set designs to its many highs and lows, relive the best and worst of WCW's Halloween Havoc from ProWrestlingStories.com

Mr Hughes and the WCW Traveling Circus in Europe

Pro wrestling is a self-contained community that roams place to place with squabbles quickly resolved and forgotten - unless you're with Mr Hughes!

WCW – The Failure and End of Monday Nitro

The fall of WCW... Why did it fail? And what did it feel like behind the curtain on the final ever Monday Nitro? Those who were there speak.