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My Take: My Brother Randy and Liz’s Episode on Dark Side...

Many fans have asked what my thoughts were of Randy and Liz's episode of Dark Side of the Ring. Here are my thoughts as well as a few other musings to boot.

WCW Big Bang – The Pay-Per-View That Never Was

One of the most fascinating 'what if?' scenarios in wrestling surrounds the demise of WCW and the advertised May 2001 WCW Big Bang pay-per-view.

DDP vs Randy Savage – The Heartwarming Story Behind Their Feud

The DDP vs Randy Savage match-up was memorable on screen, but the real story behind their feud will warm your heart and make your day.

The Shoot Fight Between The Nasty Boys, Scott Hall and Kevin...

The Nasty Boys have a long history of anger issues. This occasion with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash was no different. The result? A nasty incident in the ring!

Eric Bischoff Firing Steve Austin: ‘Totally Disrespectful’ How It Went Down

Eric Bischoff firing Steve Austin- was it a decision he would later regret? Plus, Austin gives his true thoughts on the disrespectful way he was dismissed.

Diamond Dallas Page on the Unlikely Legend Who Admired His Early...

Diamond Dallas Page got his start late in the game at age 35. His wrestling career didn't take off right away but one wrestling legend took notice.

The Yeti in WCW – What Was That All About?

Why he was called The Yeti (when it was clearly a mummy), the wrestler originally pegged to play the role and the reasoning behind 'humping' Hogan!
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Brian Pillman: How ‘The Loose Cannon’ Worked the Workers and Made...

Brian Pillman managed to play ECW, WCW and WWF against each other, securing himself the first ever WWF guaranteed contract. This is how he pulled it off.

Ron Simmons: How He Became the First Ever African-American World Champion

How, almost at random, Ron Simmons became the first African-American WCW world champion. His career and rise in the world of wrestling

SAITO Remembered: “Brother, He Was Double-Tough”

Masa Saito, who died on July 14, 2018 as a result of complications of Parkinson's disease, remembered by WWE Hall of Famers.