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Moments after Hulk Hogan turned heel turn and joined forces with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash to create the nWo. WCW Bash at the Beach, 1996.

Hulk Hogan Turns Heel, DERANGED Fan Jumps into Ring to Attack...

When Hulk Hogan turned heel, a deranged fan jumped into the ring to fight him. He was NOT prepared to deal with the consequences!
Lex Luger on Miss Elizabeth Death, Seeking Redemption

Lex Luger on Miss Elizabeth Death, Seeking Redemption

Lex Luger shares details on the death of his girlfriend Miss Elizabeth, his downward spiral that followed, and the redemption he has found since.
How Sting and Harley Race Tamed "Stiff" Vader in WCW

How Sting and Harley Race Tamed “Stiff” Vader in WCW

What happens when you have a 6'5", 450lbs monster heel that is too rough in the ring? Well, you enlist the help of Sting and Harley Race, of course!
Ricky Steamboat and Ric Flair lock-up at Chi-Town Rumble, February 20, 1989.

Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat – The Story Behind The Magic

1989 saw Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat put on a trilogy of matches for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. This is the story behind the magic.
Rick Rude - More Than Ravishing

Rick Rude – More Than Ravishing

Blessed with the personality to carry any storyline, and in-ring ability to carry any match, Rick Rude was one of the greats of his time. Here is his story.
The Dangerous Alliance - Larry Zbyszko, Rick Rude, Bobby Eaton, Paul E. Dangerously (Paul Heyman), Arn Anderson, and Stunning Steve Austin

Dangerous Alliance | Their Short Yet Impactful Influence on WCW

The Dangerous Alliance and their brief yet impactful influence on World Championship Wrestling in the early '90s with Paul E. Dangerously at the helm.
Vince McMahon stands proudly underneath the current WWE logo

WWE Logo – Its Evolution From the WWF Until Now

The WWE logo brings back an instant wave of nostalgia for wrestling fans. Let's take a stroll down memory lane and look at the story of its evolution!
Is that a D chord? The West Texas Rednecks (Barry Windham, Kendall Windham, Curt Hennig, and Bobby Duncum Jr.) perform live.

West Texas Rednecks and the Story behind the Song “Rap Is...

Curt Hennig created memorable moments in WCW in 1999 as part of the short-lived stable, West Texas Rednecks. That is until someone put an end to it all!

Marvel Comics and the Money They Made off Hulk Hogan

Marvel Comics owned the name Hulk Hogan for 20 years. There were many interesting conditions in the contract, but just how much did Marvel make off Hogan?
Eddie and Mike Graham

Eddie and Mike Graham – Years after Their Deaths, We Still...

Theories behind the deaths of Eddie and Mike Graham abound to this day. Learn about the legacy and tragedy that finally befell father and son.