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The Times When Wrestling Took It Too Far

The WWE has given us decades of entertainment in the form of staged aggression and enthralling stories, yet there are times when wrestling has gone too far.

WWE CEO VINCE McMAHON: To Approach or Not To Approach

When you stand up to WWE CEO Vince McMahon, he respects you for it. So why are so many people in the business intimidated by him and are they still?

DONALD TRUMP’s Contribution to WWE History

Current POTUS Donald Trump's contribution to WWE started in 1988. Find out how much he's done and why wrestlers love and protect him.

The WWE Controversy Seldom Talked About From 1993

At Survivor Series 1993, a WWE controversy outside of the ring caused Jerry Lawler to be hastily taken off television tapings with no explanation.

The Best and Worst of WCW’s Halloween Havoc!

From its extravagant set designs to its many highs and lows, relive the best and worst of WCW's Halloween Havoc from ProWrestlingStories.com


Chris Jericho tells the time Kofi Kingston challenged Vince McMahon to a fight after a 4-hour JD-infused private jet journey

PLANE RIDE FROM HELL! The Exclusive WWE Inside Story

Put your seat upright, fasten your seatbelt – there may be some turbulence along the way…get ready to read all about the WWE PLANE RIDE FROM HELL!

Vince McMahon | Getting Wasted Prior to Drug Testing

Vince McMahon is never one to let his guard down, though there was this one time he let his hair down the night before the expansion of drug testing.

DRUGS IN WRESTLING: The Destructive Truth About Steroids Use in the...

Steroid Use in the WWE used to be common. Here are candid truths from Lex Lugar, The Ultimate Warrior and your other favorite wrestlers on now and the past.