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Charles Robinson – WWE’s Unsung Hero in Black and White

Not all heroes require flashy colors to stand out. Have a deep look into the life and 25-year-plus wrestling career of WWE's unsung hero, Charles Robinson.

15 Famous People You May Not Have Known Were Wrestling Fans

Wrestling is a mainstream form of entertainment that attracts followers from all walks of life including these 15 famous wrestling fans.

Good Advice from Professional Wrestling – They Do the Bleeding, You...

"You don't have to like or respect wrestling. But if you don't understand it, you will lose. If you do study it and learn from it, it can teach you to win."

My Take: My Brother Randy and Liz’s Episode on Dark Side...

Many fans have asked what my thoughts were of Randy and Liz's episode of Dark Side of the Ring. Here are my thoughts as well as a few other musings to boot.

A Note For the Wide-eyed Kids with a Dream and WWE...

Between discussion on independent contractors and fan complaints falling on deaf ears, WWE follows a broken system that is long overdue for a fix.

Bret Hart and Tom Magee – The Forbidden ‘Holy Grail’ of...

Bret Hart racked up endless accolades in his career, but it was his match against Tom Magee in 1986 that's considered to be his most impressive.

Dark Secrets of WWE: From the Writer’s Room to the Ring

From the writer's room at WWE's headquarters to the board room and finally to the ring, here is an inside behind-the-scenes look at the beast known as WWE.

Kurt Angle and Vince McMahon | Their Infamous Airplane Fight

Kurt Angle and Vince McMahon had an infamous scuffle at 38,000 feet on a flight back from London. A sleeping Undertaker awoke and acted accordingly!

Can-Am Connection – How Greed Killed WWE’s Potentially Greatest Tag Team

Tom Zenk and Rick Martel of The Can-Am Connection were poised to become one of the greatest tag team's in WWE history until greed got in the way of that.

Kurt Angle on Drug Addiction, Almost Breaking Undertaker’s Streak, Making Hogan...

Kurt Angle holding nothing back! Almost breaking Undertaker's streak, Hogan's reaction to tapping out, Cena's weak punches, 'milk' truck incident, and more!