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Big Van Vader and Antonio Inoki Incide a Riot in Sumo Hall

Big Van Vader and Antonio Inoki Incite a Riot in Sumo...

Japanese fans are reserved, but not on this night. Big Van Vader and Antonio Inoki incited a riot in Sumo Hall. Here's how, flaming seat cushions and all.
How Sting and Harley Race Tamed "Stiff" Vader in WCW

How Sting and Harley Race Tamed “Stiff” Vader in WCW

What happens when you have a 6'5", 450lbs monster heel that is too rough in the ring? Well, you enlist the help of Sting and Harley Race, of course!
Shawn Michaels and Vader battle it out at SummerSlam '96.

Shawn Michaels and Vader | How HBK Sabotaged Vader’s WWF Career

After the feud of Shawn Michaels and Vader which culminated at SummerSlam 1996, Vader's career in the WWF was never the same.

Leon White – Rookie Mistakes and Stiff Lessons Courtesy of Bruiser...

From stiff shots to hard knocks, Leon White did not have an easy path into wrestling. This is his story of adversity before conquering the world as Vader.

Paul Orndorff and Vader | The Messy Fight That Led to...

Back in '95, Paul Orndorff and Vader got into a heated argument backstage that led to an all-out fight. According to Vader, he had...

VADER: The Time His Eye Popped Out During a Match

Vader was a kind-hearted and sensitive man but also someone who could deliver and take a beating. This infamous story shows just that!

SID VICIOUS and ARN ANDERSON and their Crazy, Brutal Scissor Fight

Long hours on the road mixed with beer, tempers are bound to flare. One fateful night in October 1993, things got ugly between Sid Vicious and Arn Anderson