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Jim Johnston – The Mastermind behind WWE’s Most Iconic Theme Songs

A candid look at the 32-plus-year career of Jim Johnston, his creative process, and what led to his disappointing departure from WWE in 2017.

Kurt Angle and Vince McMahon | Their Infamous Airplane Fight

Kurt Angle and Vince McMahon had an infamous scuffle at 38,000 feet on a flight back from London. A sleeping Undertaker awoke and acted accordingly!

Kurt Angle on Drug Addiction, Almost Breaking Undertaker’s Streak, Making Hogan...

Kurt Angle holding nothing back! Almost breaking Undertaker's streak, Hogan's reaction to tapping out, Cena's weak punches, 'milk' truck incident, and more!

The Superstar Meant To Break Undertaker’s WrestleMania Streak, Brock Lesnar’s Reluctance

A young, arrogant foe was booked to end Undertaker's WrestleMania streak but partying the night before resulted in a change of direction.

Kamala: Disgustingly Low Pay-Offs and Poor Treatment by WWE Agents

'I begged the WWE agents not to let the boys know.' Kamala opens up about the hardships he faced during and after his time with the WWE.

Wrestling Stipulations and Match Types That Were Never Used Again

Gimmick matches are some of the most fun to watch. These wrestling stipulations and match types only made one appearance and were never used again. 

King of the Ring (2001) | The Time Vince McMahon Almost...

Vince McMahon is known to be ruthless at times but King of the Ring (2001) led him to almost interrupting it twice to protect the participants involved.

The Time Eric Bischoff Almost Signed Away One of WWE’s Most...

We're telling you the real story and sifting through all those lingering rumors of Eric Bischoff and marquee signings from WWE to the WCW.

WrestleMania 29: Chris Jericho’s Refusal to Put Fandango over and Almost...

Chris Jericho is not afraid to speak the truth, shed the dirt and rip into his fellow professionals. This story about WrestleMania 29 is no exception!

The Great American Bash: Pride, Patriotism & Pain from NWA to...

Dusty Rhodes had his finger on the pulse of the business during the 1980s. His idea of The Great American Bash was an unqualified success.