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Vince McMahon planned for the dream match between Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin to take place yet it never came to fruition. Here's why.

Steve Austin and his Flat-Out Refusal to Work with Jeff Jarrett

When Jeff Jarrett returned to WWE in 1997, he was promised a feud with Steve Austin. Austin flat-out refused to work with him and the reasons were numerous.

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A candid look at the 32-plus-year career of Jim Johnston, his creative process, and what led to his disappointing departure from WWE in 2017.

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How, almost at random, Ron Simmons became the first African-American WCW world champion. His career and rise in the world of wrestling

Stone Cold STEVE AUSTIN Stuns The Alliance

It doesn’t matter if you saw this for the first time now or sixteen years ago. This is the kind of action that gets fans fully torqued.

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Current POTUS Donald Trump's contribution to WWE started in 1988. Find out how much he's done and why wrestlers love and protect him.

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How the death of Chyna WWE Superstar stunned Stone Cold Steve Austin and why he believes she should be in the WWE Hall of Fame

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At WrestleMania 14, Shawn Michaels was not in a good place and was politicking against dropping the belt to Steve Austin. Here's what really happened.

The Rock and Stone Cold – Rivals in the Ring but...

The story of The Rock and Stone Cold is one of brotherhood and friendship, unlike the rivalry that was portrayed on television.