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Jim Johnston – The Mastermind behind WWE’s Most Iconic Theme Songs

A candid look at the 32-plus-year career of Jim Johnston, his creative process, and what led to his disappointing departure from WWE in 2017.

Eric Bischoff Firing Steve Austin: ‘Totally Disrespectful’ How It Went Down

Eric Bischoff firing Steve Austin- was it a decision he would later regret? Plus, Austin gives his true thoughts on the disrespectful way he was dismissed.

The Night STEVE AUSTIN Composed One of the Greatest Promos of...

Paul Heyman remembers the night the young, down-on-his-luck STEVE AUSTIN composed one of the greatest promos of all time.
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Brian Pillman: How ‘The Loose Cannon’ Worked the Workers and Made...

Brian Pillman managed to play ECW, WCW and WWF against each other, securing himself the first ever WWF guaranteed contract. This is how he pulled it off.

Wrestling Stipulations and Match Types That Were Never Used Again

Gimmick matches are some of the most fun to watch. These wrestling stipulations and match types only made one appearance and were never used again. 

The Time STEVE AUSTIN Accidentally Got Eliminated from a WWE Royal...

Steve Austin was supposed to be one of the final four in this WWE Royal Rumble but accidentally got himself eliminated because of baby oil!

Triple H Injury: Overcoming Ring Adversity

While having a long decorated career spanning over twenty-six years, a Triple H Injury could have ended his career but he persevered.

King of the Ring (2001) | The Time Vince McMahon Almost...

Vince McMahon is known to be ruthless at times but King of the Ring (2001) led him to almost interrupting it twice to protect the participants involved.

The Top 10 Failed Tag Team Remakes and Rehashes in Wrestling...

Top 10 Failed Tag Team Remakes - Each of these tag teams had hopes of riding a new wave of nostalgia - instead, they fell flat!

THE BIG BOSS MAN: A Career Defined by Showing Up

The Big Boss Man, Ray Traylor, also known as Big Bubba Rogers went from unknown rookie to WWE headliner in the space of two years.