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How Sting and Harley Race Tamed "Stiff" Vader in WCW

How Sting and Harley Race Tamed “Stiff” Vader in WCW

What happens when you have a 6'5", 450lbs monster heel that is too rough in the ring? Well, you enlist the help of Sting and Harley Race, of course!

Bruno Sammartino and Stan Hansen | The Botch That Broke Bruno

In 1976, Stan Hansen changed the career of Bruno Sammartino by unceremoniously dropping him on his head. Here, both men discuss this near-tragic incident.

Stan Hansen: The King of Stiff Shots Gets A Piece of...

Stan Hansen hit hard and few wrestlers stood up to it. There was, however, this one time Big Stan got knocked down a few pegs!

VADER: The Time His Eye Popped Out During a Match

Vader was a kind-hearted and sensitive man but also someone who could deliver and take a beating. This infamous story shows just that!

10 Wrestling Book Must Reads and 5 You Don’t Want To...

The best wrestling memoirs are confessional and brutally honest. Here are the top 10 best wrestling book must-reads--and the 5 worst!