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JP Zarka of ProWrestlingStories.com joins Brian Tramel on the “Shootin’ The Shiznit" podcast

JP Zarka of ProWrestlingStories.com Interview

JP Zarka of ProWrestlingStories.com joins Brian for a new episode of Shootin’ The Shiznit. Coliseum videos, wrestling books, the creation of PWS, and more!
Vince McMahon gets shaved bald at WrestleMania 23.

Long-Haired Wrestlers… But With Short Hair!

There are many iconic wrestlers who have had long locks their entire career. Let's take a look into the past where you can see them with short hair!
David Sammartino and The Phantom Submission: One of Wrestling’s Most Surprising Upsets

Wrestling Upsets | 6 Upset Victories That Left Fans Shocked and...

"It was one of the most surprising wrestling upsets in history. Things did NOT go to plan." Here are 6 upset victories that left fans shocked and confused!

Kevin Nash and Roddy Piper | Heated Backstage Fight at Slamboree...

A heated fight between Kevin Nash and Roddy Piper took place backstage at WCW's Slamboree '97. Here, both men give their differing takes on what happened.

Sean Waltman on Being Told He Could Never Wrestle Again at...

Sean Waltman opens up about the 3 traumatic head injuries sustained by age 20 and what it was like to be told his career in wrestling was over.

WWE Drug Testing | Sean Waltman on Beating Test via Corrupt...

Sean Waltman opens up about his past drug use and how he and other wrestlers beat WWE drug testing via an unexpected assist from a corrupt administrator.

KEVIN NASH on Overseas Travel, Savio Vega, Yokozuna, Pills and More

Kevin Nash has done and seen it all in and around the business of professional wrestling. When it comes to stories on the road, he's never short of them.

KLIQ RULES: Tales of their Stranglehold on the WWE Locker Room

The Kliq came together and ultimately dominated the WWF locker room. According to many within the business, they did so with back-stabbing and politicking.

Ribs and Practical Jokes in Professional Wrestling – The Best Stories

Pulling ribs and practical jokes is a big part of the culture of being a wrestler. Here are some of the best rib stories. Sit back, relax and enjoy the laughs!

STEVE BLACKMAN: Taking Names and Taking on Life

Backstage fights plus how 'The Lethal Weapon' Steve Blackman beat a life-threating bout of malaria and thoughts of suicide.