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Strike Force | Tito Santana and Rick Martel on Their Rise...

Tito Santana and Rick Martel thrived as Strike Force but almost were doomed with a gimmick that would have killed their momentum. This is their story.

Can-Am Connection – How Greed Killed WWE’s Potentially Greatest Tag Team

Tom Zenk and Rick Martel of The Can-Am Connection were poised to become one of the greatest tag team's in WWE history until greed got in the way of that.

Vince McMahon Saves the Day for Future Endeavored Workers

How my old boss Vince McMahon once saved the day for a lot of workers who had been wished luck on their future endeavors.

Bob Backlund and the Time He Humbled a Heckling Truck Driver...

As one heckling truck driver once learned in a bar in Florida in 1975, never take Bob Backlund and his kindness as a weakness!

The Shocking Death of DINO BRAVO

Chilling details on how Dino Bravo went from pro wrestling to getting involved with the mob and ultimately losing his life for it.