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Rick Martel and the Infamous Terry Funk Rib

Rick Martel and the Infamous Terry Funk Rib

What is a wrestler to do to pass time on the road? Rib each other, of course! This particular story on Rick Martel has become the stuff of legend.
Owen Hart - The King of Ribs sitting on his thrown.

Owen Hart – The King of Ribs | Stories of Heart,...

Owen Hart ribs were amongst the best of the best. In this piece, we dig out some light-hearted stories on the infamous practical joker.

Triple H: Why Owen Hart Was Never World Heavyweight Champion

Triple H opens up about Owen Hart, the issues between Owen and his brother Bret, and why he was never World Heavyweight Champion in the WWF.

Austin Idol, Stu Hart’s Stolen Plane and Dennis Condrey’s ‘Stiff’ Ribs

Ribs pulled during the crazy world of 1960s wrestling (especially this one involving Austin Idol) are so inappropriate you gotta read it to believe it!

MR. FUJI: The Devious, Legendary Ribber

These stories will make you laugh, feel sick and most definitely have you looking at WWE Hall of Famer Harry Fujiwara aka Mr. Fuji in a different light!

HORNSWOGGLE: The Backstage Bully!

Hornswoggle has been known as many things- a leprechaun, a mini gator, a little bastard and even an illegitimate son- but a backstage bully?

Ribs and Practical Jokes in Professional Wrestling – The Best Stories

Pulling ribs and practical jokes is a big part of the culture of being a wrestler. Here are some of the best rib stories. Sit back, relax and enjoy the laughs!