The two Hulk's do battle. Fantasy art on Deviantart by MrJimiMadcap.

Hulk Hogan versus Marvel Comics | The Fight for His Name

Hulk Hogan and Hulkamania possibly never would have run wild had it not been for this bizarre agreement between Marvel Comics and the WWF!

Wrestling’s Gay History and Fabulous Future

Becoming more familiar with the queer history of wrestling makes one realize what a different product it would be today without gay culture.

Stan Hansen: The King of Stiff Shots Gets A Piece of...

Stan Hansen hit hard and few wrestlers stood up to it. There was, however, this one time Big Stan got knocked down a few pegs!

Wrestling’s Global Village: From Korea to the UK and Everywhere Between

The wrestling world and the world itself is 'one big town' and global village. That was never clearer to me than last week.

Bullet Club – The Birth of NJPW’s Most Iconic Stable

Bullet Club started with four dojo boys, the brotherhood of the Gaijin living together trying to make a name for themselves in Japan. This is their story.

Lanny Poffo Auditioning for New Japan Color Commentator Role

Lanny Poffo to New Japan? Lanny responds to questions raised over a recent Wrestling Observer newsletter column by Dave Meltzer.