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Mark Henry on the Recent Lio Rush Backstage Heat: ‘He Lied...

Mark Henry recently opened up about trying to talk to Lio Rush about his backstage heat. Instead of taking it on board, Lio Rush lied to his face.

‘Kamala’ James Harris Desperately Needs Help to Save Home | How...

"Kamala" James Harris is in desperate need right now and is on the verge of losing his home. Details on how to support Mr. Harris and his family.

Ron Simmons: How He Became the First Ever African-American World Champion

How, almost at random, Ron Simmons became the first African-American WCW world champion. His career and rise in the world of wrestling
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MARK HENRY: From Olympic Weightlifting to the Squared Circle

Welcome to the Hall of Pain! From Olympic weightlifting to the ring, here's an intimate look at Mark Henry and his twenty + years in professional wrestling.

Ribs and Practical Jokes in Professional Wrestling – The Best Stories

Pulling ribs and practical jokes is a big part of the culture of being a wrestler. Here are some of the best rib stories. Sit back, relax and enjoy the laughs!