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The Spectacular Brock Lesnar Botch That Nearly Plunged WrestleMania 19 into...

Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle and others talk about the spectacular botch that nearly broke the Beast Incarnate's neck at WrestleMania 19

Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero – Their Real-Life Backstage Fight

Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero were like brothers outside of the ring but when a planned beatdown in the ring went a bit awry, things kicked off for real.

Kurt Angle and Vince McMahon | Their Infamous Airplane Fight

Kurt Angle and Vince McMahon had an infamous scuffle at 38,000 feet on a flight back from London. A sleeping Undertaker awoke and acted accordingly!

Kurt Angle on Drug Addiction, Almost Breaking Undertaker’s Streak, Making Hogan...

Kurt Angle holding nothing back! Almost breaking Undertaker's streak, Hogan's reaction to tapping out, Cena's weak punches, 'milk' truck incident, and more!

Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels – The Embarrassing Time They First...

"Oh my god, this kid's an idiot..." The embarrassing moment Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels had when they first met in 2002.

Brock Lesnar, Shinsuke Nakamura and Their Real-Life Battle

How Brock Lesnar's short controversial run in New Japan Pro Wrestling resulted in him stealing the IWGP Heavyweight Championship.

The Shield – Original Plans Did Not Include Roman Reigns

The original idea of The Shield did not include Roman Reigns. Who was originally pegged to be in the group and who pitched the idea in the first place?

Wrestling Stipulations and Match Types That Were Never Used Again

Gimmick matches are some of the most fun to watch. These wrestling stipulations and match types only made one appearance and were never used again. 

King of the Ring (2001) | The Time Vince McMahon Almost...

Vince McMahon is known to be ruthless at times but King of the Ring (2001) led him to almost interrupting it twice to protect the participants involved.

10 Wrestling Book Must Reads and 5 You Don’t Want To...

The best wrestling memoirs are confessional and brutally honest. Here are the top 10 best wrestling book must-reads--and the 5 worst!