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Wrestling Then and Now documentary

Legends Live on in “Wrestling Then & Now” Documentary

Many legends of the squared circle have left us but they live on, not only in our hearts but in a film from the heart, Wrestling Then & Now.
Buddy Austin and Pedro Morales - The Party They Almost Didn't Leave

Buddy Austin and Pedro Morales – The Party They Almost Didn’t...

The attempted murder of Buddy Austin and Pedro Morales on New Year's Eve 1969 at the Crest Hotel’s penthouse in Sydney, Australia.

Wildmen of Wrestling | 12 Outrageous Heels Who Pioneered Hardcore

These are some of the wildest, most outrageous heels the sport of wrestling has ever seen. These were the pioneers of the hardcore.

Wrestling’s Unsung | Those History Hasn’t Been Kind To

Many names are lauded while others who have devoted their lives to this business are, in fact, ignored. In this piece, we praise wrestling's unsung.

Ivan Putski, Killer Kowalski and the Wrestling Bear Rib

The time Killer Kowalski played a sweet rib on Ivan Putski involving a hungry wrestling bear. "I told the bear to go get 'em!"

Nikolai Volkoff Stories: A Smelly Rib and a Joke in the...

These Nikolai Volkoff stories will have you covering your nose and thanking your good graces that you don't have a Mr. Fuji-type in your friendship circle!

Killer Kowalski on Dream Feud: Bruno Sammartino versus Lou Thesz

The late-great Killer Kowalski on the dream feud that never was Lou Thesz vs. Bruno Sammartino - here's the run down of how it might have taken place