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King Kong Bundy Passes Away – A Monster in the Ring,...

A tribute to wrestling legend, Christopher Alan Pallies, better to wrestling fans as King Kong Bundy. He was 61 years old when he died on March 4, 2019.
Jim Cornette is No. 2 on our list of greatest managers of all time. Cornette remains a vital part of wrestling history and the wrestling industry overall through his podcasts, The Jim Cornette Experience and Jim Cornette's Drive-Thru. (Photo: WWE.com)

The Top 10 Wrestling Managers of All Time (and the Five...

While wrestling managers are now out of favor with WWE, some of the best performers haven't been wrestlers: They've been the guys at ringside, getting heat.

10 Wrestling Book Must Reads and 5 You Don’t Want To...

The best wrestling memoirs are confessional and brutally honest. Here are the top 10 best wrestling book must-reads--and the 5 worst!

Deviants: Wrestlers Jailed for Abuse

Each of these stories is a cautionary tale: a reminder that wrestling--especially as it once was--drew many marginal people toward its tawdry spotlight.

The Spoiler Don Jardine: The Man Who Trained the Undertaker

Before there was the Undertaker, or the Wrestlemania streak, before there was even a "Mean" Mark Callous, there was Mark Callaway trained by The Spoiler.

Plane Crash Tragedies that Changed Wrestling Forever

Two Plane Crashes that Changed Wrestling Forever - Read how Ric Flair walked away from a plane crash after breaking his back in 3 places, and more

THE SPORTATORIUM – If Those Walls Could Talk

The Dallas Sportatorium had its doors open from 1935-1998. It may not be a church, but it was certainly wrestlings holy ground!

Wrestler Gary Hart on The American Dream Dusty Rhodes’ Rock ‘N’...

Former manager and wrestler Gary Hart wrote about the time he and Dusty Rhodes tried a side hustle which showcased a talent unbeknownst to some - singing!

The Texas Outlaws! Gary Hart on MURDOCK and DUSTY RHODES

The rebellious way Murdoch and Dusty Rhodes, then known as the Texas Outlaws, were sent packing by Jim Barnett in the Australian territory back in 1969.

Gary Hart’s Book Dishes on JERRY JARRETT: The Bastard Child of...

Usually humble and complimentary towards people who played a role in his life in wrestling, Gary Hart's book didn't hold back when applied to Jerry Jarrett!