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Randy Savage and Bill Dundee – Their Legendary Fight Involving a...

The fight between Randy Savage and Bill Dundee was a huge part of Memphis Wrestling history. Here are the events that led to their infamous scuffle.

Mad Dog Vachon: From Bloodying Up Catholic School Boys to the...

Mad Dog Vachon was a tough-as-nails wrestler known for his fighting prowess in and out of the ring. His foray into wrestling is quite the fascinating story!

Kurt Angle and Vince McMahon | Their Infamous Airplane Fight

Kurt Angle and Vince McMahon had an infamous scuffle at 38,000 feet on a flight back from London. A sleeping Undertaker awoke and acted accordingly!

The Shoot Fight Between The Nasty Boys, Scott Hall and Kevin...

The Nasty Boys have a long history of anger issues. This occasion with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash was no different. The result? A nasty incident in the ring!

The Time The Nasty Boys Almost Killed Ken Shamrock For Real

A detailed account on how The Nasty Boys came moments away from killing Ken Shamrock in October 1990 after an inappropriate incident at a bar.

Mad Dog Vachon Shoot Fight Stories – An Animal in and...

Mad Dog Vachon was known for his wild personality and uncontrollable character. This wasn't far off from how he was in real life, too! 

Blackjack Mulligan: The Man Who Punched Andre The Giant and Ole...

Blackjack Mulligan was one of the legitimate tough guys in pro wrestling during an era filled with them. These stories show just how fearless he was!

The Physical Altercation Between Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash

The time Samoa Joe learned the hard way what happens when you disrespect two close friends, Keven Nash and Scott Hall, at TNA's 2007 Turning Point

The Time Bob Holly Beat up WWE Tough Enough Rookie, Matt...

Matt Cappotelli learns from Bob Holly that the business is confusing, and can hurt… a lot. Now he's showing he's Tough Enough for brain cancer.
Booker T Corey Graves fight


This feud between Booker T and Corey Graves fooled media outlets, talent, fans and even their commentary partner, Michael Cole.