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In 1991, UWF founder Herb Abrams was owed money by "Wild Thing" Steve Ray. Abrams also suspected that Ray was sleeping with his wife. On May 10th, 1991, at a television taping in New York City, Abrams paid Dr. Death Steve Williams an extra $100 to take care of this problem. The ensuing shoot quickly turned into a threatening situation for the young wrestler.

Dr Death Steve Williams and Steve Ray – A Shoot in...

At a May '91 UWF taping, Herb Abrams paid Dr. Death Steve Williams to "take care of" Steve Ray. The ensuing shoot quickly turned dangerous.
In 1986, tempers flared between Adrian Adonis and Dan Spivey, and Adonis almost lost his life as a result.

Adrian Adonis and Dan Spivey Near-Deadly Locker Room Brawl

In 1986, wrestler Adrian Adonis picked the wrong person to mess with, and according to witnesses, Dan Spivey almost ended Adonis's life.
Perry Saturn and Mike Bell moments before things turned ugly.

Perry Saturn and Mike Bell – When Things Turned Ugly!

During a 2001 taping of WWF Metal, Perry Saturn made a questionable decision with wrestler Mike Bell that changed his career for the worse.
When "Earthquake" John Tenta faced off against Kōji Kitao on March 30th, 1991, things turned real!

Earthquake John Tenta and Kōji Kitao – When Things Turned Real!

When Earthquake John Tenta and Kōji Kitao faced off in 1991, things turned very real. It would soon become headline news all over Japan.
Missy Hyatt and Bill Alfonso appeared in the televised courtroom of Judge Mathis in October 2002. This is the story of everything that went down.

Missy Hyatt and Bill Alfonso – A Battle in Judge Mathis...

In 2002, Missy Hyatt and Bill Alfonso did battle, not in the ring, but the TV courtroom of Judge Mathis. It made for one entertaining case!
Things got stiff between Goldberg and William Regal (then known as Steve Regal) when they faced off against each other on WCW Monday Nitro on February 9th, 1998, at the Don Haskins Center in El Paso, Texas.

Goldberg and William Regal – When Things Went Wrong in El...

231 days into his 173-0 win streak in WCW, Goldberg and William Regal met in the ring. Here is how it all went wrong that night in El Paso.
The Edge, Matt Hardy, and Lita love triangle storyline very much incorporated elements of real-life.

5 Wrestling Feuds Where There Was Real-Life Heat

Some of the most legendary feuds in wrestling involved wrestlers who had real-life animosity outside of the ring. Here are 5 such examples.
The late New Jack, aka Jerome Young.

New Jack and the Soft Drink Concession Stand Incident

New Jack locked himself in a room as 20 police officers arrived. Of all the things to cause chaos, this was the last thing people imagined.
Mad Dog Vachon was a tough-as-nails wrestler known for his intimidating fighting prowess in and out of the ring.

Mad Dog Vachon – An Animal in (and Out!) of the...

From taking on schoolboys to discovering pro wrestling off of the advice of a mafia godfather, the story of Mad Dog Vachon is quite a tale!
"The Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman.

Steve Blackman – His Real-Life Battle with Darkness

In the ring, Steve Blackman went by the nickname "The Lethal Weapon." As these stories show, he is so much more than that.