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Edge and Christian sitting at a table talking

Edge and Christian – The Time They Ended Up in Wrestlers...

The time when Edge and Christian got heat with the boys and found themselves called into Wrestlers Court for playing nice with the writers.
Kane, Christian, and Their Dysfunctional Friendship

Kane, Christian, and Their Dysfunctional Friendship

Christian is a complete JERK to Kane! Kane explains his hatred of Christian and Christian opens about his recurring nightmares about the Big Red Machine.

Wrestling With Reality: How Reality TV Rose From Kayfabe’s Grave

There is much more in common between wrestling and reality TV than people realize. Kayfabe is dead, but reality TV was born at its funeral.

WWE Money in the Bank | Whose Brainchild Was It? Plus:...

WWE Money in the Bank has presented many unbelievable (and forgettable) moments over the years. Whose original idea was it and what was Vince's only demand?

Rob Van Dam – The Drug Charge That Changed His Career

Rob Van Dam has not been shy about expressing his love of marijuana over the years. In 2006, it got him into a lot of trouble.

5 House Show Title Changes Not Seen on TV

Not all big moments are shown for the world to see. Some lucky fans have witnessed memorable title changes at a house show when the cameras weren't rolling.

The Stories Behind Pro Wrestling Music Entrance Themes

Wrestling music to announce a wrestler's entrance is a significant part of their identity. Here are the stories behind these favorites.
Wrestlers Court


Respect is important when it comes to the pro wrestling business. If it isn't shown in the ring or in the back, consequences follow in Wrestlers Court!

RESPECT IN WRESTLING: Much Deeper Than Storytelling, Athleticism and Showmanship

In that ring and behind that curtain, there's respect in wrestling. Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, and others share fond memories of their comrades.

Best Pro Wrestling Road Stories: The Good, the Bad and the...

Pro wrestling is a job unlike any other. Join in as many legends of the ring share their good, bad and bizarre best pro wrestling road stories!