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Dustin Rhodes, 50, pulled off something even he thought impossible -- the greatest match of his career. Along the way, he rediscovered his love of wrestling

Tully Blanchard and the Time He Was Almost Murdered by Dusty...

A close look at the events that caused Dusty Rhodes to come out with a baseball bat and beat Tully Blanchard to near death on live television.

The Undertaker’s First Year in WWE: Rise of The Dead Man

Come along as we look back on The Undertaker's first year in WWE and how he became the then youngest WWE champion one year after his debut.

Jim Cornette and The Midnight Express Attack Baby Doll

Jim Cornette and The Midnight Express attacking Baby Doll was one of the most vile moments in professional wrestling history.

ASK PWS: “Which Wrestler Had the Most Wasted Potential?”

On ASK PWS we discuss which wrestler had the most wasted potential We discuss Buddy Landel, Halliburton briefcases, breaking into the business, and more!

THE BIG BOSS MAN: A Career Defined by Showing Up

The Big Boss Man, Ray Traylor, also known as Big Bubba Rogers went from unknown rookie to WWE headliner in the space of two years.

The Great American Bash: Pride, Patriotism & Pain from NWA to...

Dusty Rhodes had his finger on the pulse of the business during the 1980s. His idea of The Great American Bash was an unqualified success.

Death of Dusty Rhodes Two Years Later, Wrestling Still Feels the...

It's been two years since the death of Dusty Rhodes due to stomach cancer, and we still realize there is no replacement for The American Dream.

Wrestler Gary Hart on The American Dream Dusty Rhodes’ Rock ‘N’...

Former manager and wrestler Gary Hart wrote about the time he and Dusty Rhodes tried a side hustle which showcased a talent unbeknownst to some - singing!

The Texas Outlaws! Gary Hart on MURDOCK and DUSTY RHODES

The rebellious way Murdoch and Dusty Rhodes, then known as the Texas Outlaws, were sent packing by Jim Barnett in the Australian territory back in 1969.