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Good Advice from Professional Wrestling – They Do the Bleeding, You...

"You don't have to like or respect wrestling. But if you don't understand it, you will lose. If you do study it and learn from it, it can teach you to win."

DDP vs Randy Savage – The Heartwarming Story Behind Their Feud

The DDP vs Randy Savage match-up was memorable on screen, but the real story behind their feud will warm your heart and make your day.

Diamond Dallas Page on the Unlikely Legend Who Admired His Early...

Diamond Dallas Page got his start late in the game at age 35. His wrestling career didn't take off right away but one wrestling legend took notice.
ddp debuts in wwe

Diamond Dallas Paige’s Debut In WWE

The WWE debut of DDP was one of the loudest debuts to date. Witness the deafening crowd reaction as DDP removes his mask to reveal himself to the crowd.