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John Morrison (then known as Johnny Nitro) with Melina. WWE SummerSlam Tour, Melbourne, Australia, August 5th, 2006.

John Morrison | His Up and Down First Run in WWE

The first run in WWE for John Morrison was full of athletic exploits, name changes, and a controversy that soon led to his release from the company.
Matt Bloom - From Prince Albert to Lord Tensai - where did it all go wrong? [design: JP Zarka / ProWrestlingStories.com]

Matt Bloom as Lord Tensai – Where Did It All Go...

Matt Bloom as Lord Tensai went from defeating John Cena and CM Punk to dancing in women's lingerie less than a year later. Where did it all go wrong?
CM Punk WWE Backstage Debut - Here's What He Had to Say! [Photo: Wrestling Daze on YouTube]

CM Punk WWE Backstage Debut – Here’s What He Had to...

CM Punk is never one to censor his thoughts! Here's what he had to say about WWE creative, Seth Rollins, a potential return to the ring, and more.

WWE Money in the Bank | Whose Brainchild Was It? Plus:...

WWE Money in the Bank has presented many unbelievable (and forgettable) moments over the years. Whose original idea was it and what was Vince's only demand?

Kofi Kingston and the Time Randy Orton Killed His WWE Push...

Kofi Kingston was on his way to having a WWE world championship push in 2010 until a botched spot in a match had a livid Randy Orton put an end to all that.

The Shield – Original Plans Did Not Include Roman Reigns

The original idea of The Shield did not include Roman Reigns. Who was originally pegged to be in the group and who pitched the idea in the first place?

Wrestler Cameos in Music Videos

Music videos were one of the main aspects that brought the then-WWE into the limelight, and there have been wrestler cameos in music videos ever since.

The CM Punk and Jeff Hardy Feud: Blurring the Lines between...

Dubbed as one of the greatest feuds CM Punk and Jeff Hardy had an outstanding rivalry. Their feud holds up today as one of the greatest of the last decade.

A Brawl Among WWE Champions

An all-out WWE Champions Brawl evolved after a confrontation between CM Punk and HHH and ends up involving HBK and Daniel Bryan. Here's the real story!