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Bruno Sammartino wins the WWWF Championship for the very first time after defeating Buddy Rogers in just 48 seconds at Madison Square Garden on May 17, 1963. [Photo: Pro Wrestling Illustrated]

Bruno Sammartino and Buddy Rogers – The 1963 WWWF Title Screwjob

This important moment in professional wrestling history between Bruno Sammartino and Buddy Rogers all but marked the end of one career and launched another.

The Fabulous Moolah – Her Career and Controversial Legacy

The Fabulous Moolah dominated and became the most powerful woman in wrestling through ruthless and cutthroat methods leaving behind a controversial legacy.

The Assassin Jody Hamilton – Behind the Mask

From generating heel heat that almost got him killed to becoming a trainer and promoter, pull back the mask on The Assassin Jody Hamilton.

The Greatest Royal Rumble Throwback Finish

The ending to the main event at The Greatest Royal Rumble was emulated by a finish that happened more than thirty years before!

Killer Kowalski on Dream Feud: Bruno Sammartino versus Lou Thesz

The late-great Killer Kowalski on the dream feud that never was Lou Thesz vs. Bruno Sammartino - here's the run down of how it might have taken place

BUDDY ROGERS: The Man Who Drove a Wedge in the NWA

The Nature Boy Buddy Rogers died in 1992, at 71 years old after a series of strokes. He leaves a complicated legacy, but a lasting one.