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Long-time friends Chris Benoit and Bob Holly. As it turns out, Chris had invited Bob over to his home the very day he murdered his wife Nancy.

Bob Holly – “Chris Benoit Invited Me Over The Night Nancy...

Bob Holly reflects on how he was almost put in the position of being a potential hero or victim of the Chris Benoit family tragedy.
Edge and Christian sitting at a table talking

Edge and Christian – The Time They Ended Up in Wrestlers...

The time when Edge and Christian got heat with the boys and found themselves called into Wrestlers Court for playing nice with the writers.

The Time Bob Holly Beat up WWE Tough Enough Rookie, Matt...

Matt Cappotelli learns from Bob Holly that the business is confusing, and can hurt… a lot. Now he's showing he's Tough Enough for brain cancer.

The Top 10 Failed Tag Team Remakes and Rehashes in Wrestling...

Top 10 Failed Tag Team Remakes - Each of these tag teams had hopes of riding a new wave of nostalgia - instead, they fell flat!

IT’S A WORK: Becoming a Wrestler the Hard Way

Becoming a wrestler isn't like it once was. It's a tough, hard business. Most beg for mercy. The ones who could take it just might be called back to train.

 Chyna, How She Was Off Camera and Jeff Jarrett Holds WWE...

Bob Holly shoots on Jeff Jarrett and Chyna, how Chyna and Triple H were very much different once the cameras were off them, and more!

STEVE BLACKMAN: Taking Names and Taking on Life

Backstage fights plus how 'The Lethal Weapon' Steve Blackman beat a life-threating bout of malaria and thoughts of suicide.