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WWE at MSG: Ronda Rousey MSG Debut, Undertaker Returns First Time in 8 Years

As someone who has attended countless WWE at MSG shows since the 1970’s, it takes a lot to impress this middle-aged old school jaded fan. After handing out over a thousand fliers before the show in promotion of the upcoming wrestling documentary, 350 Days (one night only in theaters on July 12th, get your tickets here), I attended last night’s show. Here is my review of WWE live at Madison Square Garden.

WWE at MSG, July 7th, 2018. Pictured are Roman Reigns and Undertaker shaking hands, Ronda Rousey smiling to the crowd and Undertaker with a stern look on his face in the middle of the ring

[Photo courtesy of Amit Rana on YouTube]

Author: Evan Ginzburg  /  Editor: JP Zarka

WWE at MSG Card Review, 07/07/18

Bobby Lashley pinned Jinder Mahal in a workmanlike, instantly forgettable opener. 2 ½*

The always excellent WWE Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander pinned Buddy Murphy in a very good bout. 3 ¼*

WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt won a Triple Threat match over Titus Worldwide and The B-Team in a time killer with mostly schtick. The 37th time Hardy does ‘Delete” is overkill. Really. I won’t remember this a few months from now. 2*

Bayley & Natalya & Ember Moon defeated Alicia Fox & Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan. I’m not a fan of just throwing a bunch of wrestlers together for no real reason but a solid effort. 3*

Mojo Rawley pinned Bobby Roode. Why? I have no idea. A possible injury to Roode after he landed funny. Mojo not at fault. 2 ¼*

WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler won a Triple Threat match over Seth Rollins and Finn Balor in the best match of the night. Great heat. Great moves. And the fans CARED. 3 ½*

The Lucha House Party (Kalisto, Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado) defeated Drew Gulak & Jack Gallagher & Brian Kendrick in a quickie spot-fest. 2 ½*

Ronda Rousey forced Nia Jax to tap with Mickie James the referee and Alexa Bliss the “enforcer.” Overbooked yet entertaining, Rousey has charisma and is a natural athlete who shows great potential. 3*

The Undertaker & Roman Reigns & Braun Strowman defeated Elias & Kevin Owens & Baron Corbin in a less than great match that nonetheless had great heat. Elias seemed to belong in the main event at the world’s greatest arena. Not quite as sure about Corbin. Pretty standard match- work over the face for a long while (ironically Reigns) until Undertaker got the “hot tag.” Fans went insane for the little that Undertaker did. At the end of the match, Undertaker pinned Owens after the Tombstone. Corbin looked like he should maybe be headlining an indie at the Elks Lodge. Owens showed to be the “workhorse” as the old timers say- taking all the bumps. Undertaker stood outside the ring the ENTIRE match and came in last 2 mins to get his stuff in. 3*

Summary- All in all, a better than usual WWE show with several good and very good matches and nothing godawful. I expected much less. Enjoyable night out overall.

Check out live footage and highlights from the July 7th, 2018 WWE at MSG show featuring Ronda Rousey, The Undertaker, Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman and more (video courtesy of WrestlingBeast YouTube page):

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