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Published on March 2nd, 2018 | by Heishin Ko


The Evolution of SHAWN MICHAELS Told Through Commentary (1991-1994)

Author: Heishin Ko   /  Editor: J Zarka

The Evolution of SHAWN MICHAELS Told through Commentary (1991-1994) - A Exclusive

The Evolution of SHAWN MICHAELS Told through Commentary (1991-1994) – A Exclusive

Shawn Michaels is perhaps the most storied professional wrestler of all time. Heralded as the greatest professional wrestler of his generation, and perhaps of all time, there never seems to be enough said about the man, whether it be about the legacy he left within the ring or his infamy outside of it. However, such discussion is well-documented and full of real-life context. What can be said about the character of Shawn Michaels? We don’t mean about the kind of man he was outside of the ring or the kind of master storyteller he was. We want to document the story of the Heartbreak Kid, as told by commentary.

We will try not to add too much analysis here, as we want the quotes to speak for themselves. Some matches contain large quantities of commentary, while others may have only a line or two at best. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of every Shawn Michaels match, nor is this meant to be a must-watch list of any kind. We have only listed here the matches where something of (any) significance was mentioned that contributed to Shawn’s evolution as a character. For the sake of “brevity”, we will begin with some of his singles matches in 1991, but then lead straight into his singles career in 1992, up until his story ends for the first time in 1998. A side objective of this is to track where Shawn’s image or in-ring psychology changed to reflect the ‘final’ version of himself that we would see in 1997/98.

With this in mind, let’s get going!


Shawn Michaels at Survivor Series, 1991

Shawn Michaels vs. Mr. Perfect (WWF World Tour 1991 VHS – March 3rd, 1991)

Bobby Heenan: “Michaels is good as long as Jannetty’s around. See, they’re tag-team specialists – one-on-one, the guy’s lost. He’s always looking to the corner for help.”

Shawn Michaels vs. Kato (WWF on MSG Network, March 15th, 1991)

Lord Alfred Hayes: “And who else put such a series of successful moves together, such as these, and in the end, come up fruitless?”

Sean Mooney: “Shawn Michaels, so agile…and you’re right, Lord Alfred Hayes: he can spring at any second.”

Lord Alfred Hayes: “It shows you that Shawn Michaels has all his capabilities, mentally, together to do such a move at such a fantastic time.”

Sean Mooney: “Shawn Michaels, we have always known, is a fighter.” 

Shawn performs his familiar Super Kick and Elbow Drop in this match but in reverse order. Neither gets him the victory, in this case. We won’t see the top rope elbow drop again for some time.

Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair (WWF Wrestling Challenge Dark Match, December 16th, 1991)

Lord Alfred Hayes: “Shawn Michaels: a gifted wrestler, very talented, and a man who could certainly go to the top very, very quickly, indeed, in singles one-on-one action. But we’re going to watch him test it here by Ric Flair.”

Lord Alfred Hayes: “Sean, I don’t know about you, but wouldn’t you rather see Michaels in one-on-one action? He’s such a gifted, talented wrestler; he holds a lot of [personality?] and force inside that ring, he’s very charismatic, he thinks about his matches, he doesn’t waste any motion at all, and he has BOUNDLESS energy!”

Lord Alfred Hayes: “Michaels has now fallen afoul his own impatientness [sic] here, his own anxiety to get this victory against Flair.”


Shawn Michaels versus 'Superfly' Jimmy Snuka in 1992

Shawn Michaels versus ‘Superfly’ Jimmy Snuka in 1992

Shawn Michaels vs. Jimmy Snuka (WWF on MSG Network, January 31st, 1992)

Gorilla Monsoon: “The traitor, Shawn Michaels.”

Gorilla Monsoon: “Certainly no conceit in his family, he’s got it all.”

Bobby Heenan: “Nothing wrong with being conceited if you know you got it.”

Bobby Heenan: “If you were to put all the women’s faces on the back of his jacket who love this man – there’s not a jacket big enough.”

Bobby Heenan: “[…] he’s not a little punk. [That] happens to be Shawn Michaels, who I always thought had the potential to be champion. Now, he’s coming into himself. Now, he has that feeling, he knows what it is to be in there in the World Wrestling Federation.”

Gorilla Monsoon: “He’s got an awful lot of ability.”

Bobby Heenan: “OH, does he have [ability].”

*Gorilla tries to make a point about Shawn’s ego*

Gorilla Monsoon: “Upper body strength obviously goes to the Superfly, as is obvious right there, but speed and agility, I’m afraid, falls into the hands of Mr. Michaels.”

Bobby Heenan: “[laughing] And brains, you’d have to say.”

Bobby Heenan: “This is a new Shawn Michaels. I like this. I like this look. Talk about being aggressive, talk about being quick – the man’s determined. This man’s gonna have some gold here in the World Wrestling Federation, VERY SOON.”

Bobby Heenan: “This is a new era for Shawn Michaels. He is going right to the top, I can feel that. Sometimes you can just…[think of] Hockey, Baseball, or Basketball – can’t you just look at a team sometimes and just tell they’re gonna make it? They got everything going for them? They don’t have a flaw?”

Gorilla Monsoon: “Sometimes.”

Boby Heenan: “That’s this guy.”

Shawn Michaels vs. Rudy Gonzales (WWF Superstars, February 15th, 1992)

Vince McMahon: “He’s as close as you can get to being perfect without being perfect. I can’t blame Sherri [for being in love with him].”

[Upon jumping off the apron for a running flying clothesline]

Mr. Perfect: “There’s a move you don’t see every day.”

Vince McMahon: “That’s for sure. The man will take chances.” 

Shawn Michaels vs. Kris Germany (WWF Superstars, February 23rd, 1992)

Gorilla Monsoon: “[Sherri’s] dangerous.”

Bobby Heenan: “Very dangerous. And so is Michaels, believe me. Probably one of the most gifted athletes in the World Wrestling Federation – maybe one of the most gifted athletes I’ve ever run across in my whole career.”

Shawn Michaels vs. Scott Hen (WWF Superstars, March 7th, 1992)

Vince McMahon: “Look at this guy. He slays me. Who does he think he is? EARRINGS?”

Mr. Perfect: “That’s total confidence, McMahon. Take a look at that Shawn Michaels. I really enjoy watching this guy. I think he’s one of the greatest wrestlers in the World Wrestling Federation right now.”

Mr. Perfect: “Shawn Michaels has the ability to adjust his talents to whomever he’s wrestling.“

Vince McMahon: “Every time he will take advantage of every situation. Shawn Michaels, if nothing else, other than being a great wrestler, is unquestionably an opportunist.”

Shawn Michaels vs. Virgil (WWF on MSG Network, March 23rd, 1992)

Gorilla Monsoon: “Tremendous athlete.”

???: “This man is cocky. This man’s conceited. This man only cares about himself. I don’t like it.” [I can’t identify who it is that said it; it sounds like Heenan but it feels out of character]

Bobby Heenan: “You can’t get in the ring with Shawn Michaels and not be 100%.”

I believe this is the first time Shawn does what looks like his signature “flexing” pose, although he does a prototypical version in an earlier squash match against an unnamed jobber prior to this.

Shawn Michaels vs. Roddy Piper (WWF Prime Time Wrestling, March 29th, 1992)

Gorilla Monsoon: “He’s got some tremendous wrestling skills and abilities, no denying that!”

Bobby Heenan: “Look at the confidence in Shawn Michaels. This man is a future – FUTURE – champion, and the Star of the 90s.”

Gorilla Monsoon: “He’s got all that speed, all that agility, and he’s playing right into Piper’s hands!”

Bobby Heenan: “He is playing Piper’s game, and it’s not right.”

[Following a kick-out from a slingshot to the turnbuckle]

Bobby Heenan: “That shows you how tough and gutsy this Michaels is!”

Shawn Michaels vs. Tito Santana (Wrestlemania VIII, April 4th, 1992)

Bobby Heenan: “Well, I think if there’s going to be an Intercontinental Champion down the line, it’s got to be this Shawn Michaels. He’s ready, he’s arrogant, he’s cocky, he’s got Sensational Sherri – that’s MY kind of girl – he’s GOT to have the gold around his waist.”

Bobby Heenan: “Well, you’ve gotta be concerned about Santana, he’s a premier star here in the WWF. BUT, Michaels is young, he’s eager, he’s hungry, and he wants it bad.”

Bobby Heenan: “Tell ya what’s good about Santana: he always goes back to the same hold. He goes back to wear a man down. That’s good, basic scientific wrestling. But it’s not gonna work. Michaels is just too, too quick.”

Shawn Michaels vs. Dale Wolfe (WWF Superstars, April 11th, 1992)

 [Bret Hart during a promo earlier in the show]

Bret Hart: I know all about you, Shawn Michaels, and when I think of you now, I don’t think of this cool, high-flying wrestler that you used to be. I think of this conceited jerk that you’ve turned into. Shawn Michaels, success comes from being able to go the distance, and Shawn Michaels, you’re gonna be nothing but a short drive.

Mr. Perfect: “You know, McMahon, take a look at that guy. There’s a guy with confidence.”

Vince McMahon: “I’d say ARROGANCE.”

Mr. Perfect: “…Okay, whatever you wanna call it, but you know what, when you’re good and you know it, you can be like Shawn Michaels.”

Mr. Perfect: “Very impressive, McMahon. This guy has got a lot of confidence.”

Vince McMahon: “Well, yes he does. He has a great deal of confidence, a great deal of ability as well.”

Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Savage (WWF Championship, April 18th, 1992)

Lord Alfred Hayes: “I have no doubt that we’re going to see a new champion crowned here.  Shawn Michaels will wear that crown with a lot of distinction. He is truly a great wrestler.”

Bobby Heenan: “Well he can do moves like no one else, can’t he?”

Gorilla Monsoon: “’Stay on him’ – the words of advice from the main squeeze of Shawn Michaels.”

Bobby Heenan: “She is in love with him.”

Gorilla Monsoon: “Yeah but is the feeling mutual?”

Bobby Heenan: “She’s there. I don’t see any other woman around.”

Gorilla Monsoon: “I don’t believe that Shawn Michaels has the capability of loving anyone.”

Bobby Heenan: “Why is that?”

Gorilla Monsoon: “Because he’s in love with himself!”

Gorilla Monsoon: “He reminds me of an ox. A big fat one!”

Shawn Michaels vs. Louie Spicolli (WWF Wrestling Challenge, April 19th, 1992)

Gorilla Monsoon: “Oh, here he comes!”

Bobby Heenan: “The heartthrob of the World Wrestling Federation!”

Bobby Heenan: “This man’s gonna wear the gold someday, I’m tellin’ ya Monsoon.”

Gorilla Monsoon: “I’ll tell you what: if and when Shawn Michaels steps into the ring with the newly-crowned Intercontinental Champion Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart, he better pay more attention to what’s going on than he did just now.”

Bobby Heenan: “Oh, he pays attention, he knows what he’s doing, believe me.”

Shawn Michaels vs. George Anderson (WWF Superstars, April 25th, 1992)

 Mr. Perfect: “What a matchup that would be, McMahon: Shawn Michaels against Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart?”

Vince McMahon: “Yeah.”

Mr. Perfect: “I gotta go with Shawn Michaels on that one, for the simple reason: Shawn Michaels is the Wrestler of the 90s. Look at this lean, mean, wrestling machine. He’s got everything down pat, all the moves, he knows how to push the right buttons – I think he’s too much for The Hitman.”

Mr. Perfect: “What confidence, huh McMahon? I really like this guy!”

Vince McMahon: “That’s not confidence, that’s arrogance!”

Mr. Perfect: “That’s confidence. You wouldn’t know the difference anyway.”

Shawn Michaels vs. Glen Ruth (WWF Wrestling Challenge, May 24th, 1992)

Bobby Heenan: “He’s cocky, he’s conceited, but he can back it up, ‘cause this man has 100% of ability – and he’s gonna be the next Intercontinental Champion! I just feel it! Some things you know. You know you get up in the morning sometimes, and you feel like it’s gonna rain or you know it’s gonna be a good day? I feel this man’s gonna be a champion.”

Bobby Heenan: “[Sherri] is in love with him.”

Gorilla Monsoon: “Yeah, but is the feeling mutual? I don’t think so! He’s too much in love with himself to love anybody else!”

Bobby Heenan: “Well, what he uses on himself, if there’s any left over, she maybe gets a little.”

Bret Hart during a live interview with Gene Okerlund (WWF Wrestling Challenge, May 31st, 1992)

Bret Hart: “[…] when I think of Shawn Michaels, sometimes he kinda reminds me of me. You gotta give Shawn Michaels a lot of credit: he’s a great, great wrestler. He’s got a lot of ability, he’s a little unfocused, but he’s got a lot of ability. He’s got some really, really great moves. He’s fast – you know, you just don’t know where to start sometimes. Just a tremendous amount of ability. But there’s two, real, real big differences – BIG differences – between me and Shawn Michaels.”

Gene Okerlund: “What are those differences, Bret Hart?”

Bret Hart:“Well, the first one is: I don’t gotta pay my women to go out with me! And the second big difference between me and Shawn Michaels is: Shawn Michaels, you don’t have this (the Intercontinental Title), and you’re never, ever gonna get it!”

Shawn Michaels vs. Graig Brown (WWF Superstars, June 13th, 1992)

Vince McMahon: “Narcissus himself could take lessons from Shawn Michaels.” 

Shawn Michaels vs. Jason Speed (WWF Wrestling Challenge, July 5th, 1992)

Gorilla Monsoon: “What a tremendous athlete we have here in Shawn Michaels, who in many folks’ opinion […] think he’s gonna be the next reigning champion.” 

Shawn Michaels vs. Ron Cumberledge (WWF Wrestling Challenge, July 6th, 1992)

Gorilla Monsoon: “[…] he’s stuck on himself.”

Bobby Heenan: “I think he’s got a right to be. Good looking man; talented man; talented athlete; the next Intercontinental Champion, a lot of people are putting odds that way.”

Gorilla Monsoon: “No one is questioning his ability, his credentials, the tools he carries to the ring –“

[Camera shot to fan dressed as Shawn]

Bobby Heenan: “Look, look at it! Shawn Michaels impersonators! Everybody wants to be like Shawn Michaels!”

Commentary indicates that this is the first time Shawn had a mirror brought to the ring with him (on television, it first appeared a day before against Jason Speed). This mirror carries the “broken heart” symbol on its back, similar to the ones that would adorn Shawn’s tights later on in his career. Perhaps we’re seeing the genesis of his most famous moniker? 

Shawn Michaels vs. Chico Martinez (WWF Superstars, July 11th, 1992)

Vince McMahon: “Here comes someone who likes to throw his weight around […]”

Vince McMahon: “I think more than anyone else in the WWF today, this man exudes more arrogance than anyone else. I think the fans all over the world would like to see this man defeated more than just about anybody.”

Mr. Perfect: “Yeah, they might want to see him defeated, but it won’t happen. Shawn Michaels is a great wrestler, and he’s confident, McMahon, not arrogant.”

Vince McMahon: “I see. So how do you account for that mirror that Sensational Sherri carries around all the time so that Shawn Michaels can take a look at himself? That’s confidence?”

Mr. Perfect: “He wants to look at himself – a reflection of greatness, that’s what that is.”

Vince McMahon: “He probably thinks he can be the World Bodybuilding Federation champion.”

Shawn Michaels in 1992

Shawn Michaels in 1992

Ric Flair while promoting an upcoming tag team match alongside Shawn Michaels (WWF Superstars, July 18th, 1992)

Ric Flair: “The man they say is gonna hold it all – it’s his destiny. The great Shawn Michaels.”

Shawn Michaels vs. Phil Apollo (WWF Superstars, July 25th, 1992)

Mr. Perfect: “You’re not gonna outwrestle Shawn Michaels.”

Although this would air later, this match was the first taped match after Shawn got his arm tattoo. He likely got it in the 3 weeks between his match with Jason Speed and this one.

Shawn Michaels vs. Red Tyler (WWF Wrestling Challenge, August 2nd, 1992)

Gorilla Monsoon: “Double axe handle from the apron – one of the trademarks of Shawn Michaels.”

Shawn Michaels vs. Tony DeVito (WWF Wrestling Challenge, August 9th, 1992)

[Referring to Shawn’s upcoming Summerslam match against Rick Martel]

Bobby Heenan: “What a match that’s gonna be. Think about it: they’re basically the same size, they both have youth, they both have speed, they have a knowledge of the ring, and both of these athletes have an ego as big as the world.”

Shawn Michaels vs. Ross Greenberg (WWF Superstars, September 19th, 1992)

Vince McMahon: “You talk about conceit, and talk about arrogance – Shawn Michaels might even come close to your level now, Mr. Perfect.”

Mr. Perfect: “Yeah, he’s the Heartbreak Kid. This guy breaks hearts all over the country.”

[Regarding an article in WWF Magazine titled “Does Shawn Michaels Really Hate Women?”]

Mr. Perfect: “[…] women do bother him, I think.”

Vince McMahon: “They bother him?”

Mr. Perfect: “Yeah, they get in his way, you know, everybody wants to touch him, everybody wants to see him, everybody wants a piece of Shawn Michaels. He’s the Heartbreak Kid!”

Vince McMahon: “Look at Shawn Michaels here – undoubtedly a master technician!”

Now I’m not 100% about this, but I’m sure this is one of, if not the earliest instance of Shawn being called The Heartbreak Kid. Feel free to correct me on this one.

Shawn Michaels vs. Joey Maggs (WWF Wrestling Challenge, September 27th, 1992)

Gorilla Monsoon: “Take a look – the height of conceit, Shawn Michaels!”

Gorilla Monsoon: “Unfortunately for a lot of people that have to step into the ring with Shawn Michaels, he’s got a lot of tools that he can bring to the table.”

Bobby Heenan: “The man is not only quick, he’s not only strong, he has a great knowledge of the sport, and he’s got youth on his side.”

Gorilla Monsoon: “Boy, he is in tremendous, tremendous physical condition – obviously another proponent of ICOPRO!”

Gorilla Monsoon: “Obviously this guy will NEVER […] in my opinion, have the Intercontinental gold around his waist. He’s too conceited! He’s too much in love with himself!”

Gene Okerlund: “Make no mistake about it, Shawn Michaels may be Sherri’s ‘boy toy’, but he is indeed a worthy contender for the World Wrestling Federation title.”

Shawn Michaels vs. Koko B. Ware (WWF Prime Time Wrestling, October 5th, 1992)

Gorilla Monsoon: “Shawn Michaels, always in excellent physical condition.”

Reverend Slick: “You talk about working and chewing gum at the same time, huh?”

Reverend Slick: “Don’t take Shawn Michaels lightly. He’s a real technician. He knows exactly what he’s doing at all times. He doesn’t lose control of himself.”

Gorilla Monsoon: “Understand also, a tremendous proponent of ICOPRO, Shawn is.”

Reverend Slick: “Yeah, exactly. That’s how he manages to keep that great physique of his.”

Gorilla Monsoon: “In my opinion, it’s just a question of time, Reverend, before some kind of gold is around the waist of Shawn Michaels.”

Reverend Slick: “You said that right, Gorilla. He’s a great competitor, whether you like him or you dislike him, he’s a great competitor, and he knows what he’s doing.”

I think this may be the first time Shawn does a straight superkick for the victory, at least for a long time. For a while beyond this point, he goes soul searching for finishers. Often times, later on, he does a superkick, teases a Teardrop Suplex, and then decides he doesn’t need to.

Shawn Michaels vs. Kevin Kruger (WWF Wrestling Challenge, October 25th, 1992)

Gorilla Monsoon: “Talk about a man’s man, you’re looking at one right now.”

Shawn Michaels vs. The British Bulldog (WWF Intercontinental Championship, Saturday Night’s Main Event, November 14th, 1992)

Bobby Heenan: “Well, the Bulldog is stronger, I would say, than Shawn Michaels. And I would say their speed is equal. […]. But the Bulldog is definitely not too bright a person.”

Vince McMahon: “Shawn Michaels wants to make something of himself – wants to be Intercontinental Champion!”

Bobby Heenan: “Shawn Michaels will get away with whatever he wants to get away with. He is prepared! I smell a champion!”

[After Shawn wins the Intercontinental title]

Bobby Heenan: “It just goes to show you: you can have all the muscles in the world, like the Bulldog has [but] it’s not gonna do you any good when you’re in there with a man like Shawn Michaels who has nothing but determination and uses good Greco-freestyle wrestling!”

Vince McMahon: “And who also cheats, and has lady luck riding on his side!”

Shawn debuts a white and gold version of his normal attire during this match. Foreshadowing… 

Shawn Michaels vs. Big Boss Man (WWF Wrestling Challenge, November 15th, 1992)

Gorilla Monsoon: “You know, I’m surprised, Brain, at Shawn Michaels for even considering taking this match with Saturday Night’s Main Event just hours away.”

Bobby Heenan: “Well, I’ll tell you why he did it: he’s gotta prove himself. He’s gotta prove himself to everybody in the World Wrestling Federation. They think he’s just a good-looking guy. They think he’s just a [mat-may-I?]. He’s not just that. This man is championship material! And tonight on Saturday Night’s Main Event, he could walk out Intercontinental champion […]” 

Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart (WWF Championship, Survivor Series, November 25th, 1992)

Bobby Heenan: “Man, this man could do it all. He can do it all. And he might do it all. There’s your World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Champion.”

Vince McMahon: “Remember now, there’s only the WWF title up for grabs – not the Intercontinental championship.”

Bobby Heenan: “No, that shows you how smart he is. He’s on a roll. He can’t lose the Intercontinental belt – he can only win more gold.”

Shawn Michaels vs. Kerry Davis (WWF Wrestling Challenge, December 13th, 1992)

Bobby Heenan: “When we had him as a guest, he wouldn’t even wear his headset. He didn’t wanna ‘mess up his ‘do’ he said.”

Gorilla Monsoon: “No, he wore it around his neck! Obviously thinking he could hear through his carotid artery! Give me a break…”

Bobby Heenan: “Some people can!

Bobby Heenan: “He is smug, he is cocky – he is the champ.”

Bobby Heenan: “Still chewing the gum, now THAT’S confidence. You never chew–”

Gorilla Monsoon: “NO, that’s DANGEROUS!”

Bobby Heenan: “Yes, you can choke. But see how confident he is? No one’s gonna give him any trouble…”

Gorilla Monsoon: “No, to me, that’s stupidity, Brain.”

Shawn Michaels vs. John Paul (WWF Superstars, December 5th, 1992)

[Regarding The Rockers]

Bobby Heenan: “When they were The Rockers, [Shawn] held the team together. He did all the work. He made them as famous as they were [because he was in the ring].”

Vince McMahon: “You don’t want to make him angry because he’s real, real stinky. He’ll set you up as you’ve never been set up before.”

Vince McMahon: “Shawn Michaels, undoubtedly a consummate wrestler, a master technician; knows the holds, knows the moves, and indeed, from an athletic standpoint, has it all together.”

Bobby Heenan: “He is sensational.”

Vince McMahon: “I don’t know about that.”

Vince McMahon: “Lightning-like speed, unbelievable agility by Shawn Michaels!”

Bobby Heenan: “That’s why he’s the Intercontinental Champion, dummy!”

Vince McMahon: “You talk about showboating, stuck on yourself–“

Bobby Heenan: “[He’s] Chewing gum, he’s relaxed! He’s under control!”


Shawn Michaels in 1993

Shawn Michaels in 1993

Shawn Michaels vs. Jim Brunzell (WWF Wrestling Challenge, January 3rd, 1993)

 Bobby Heenan: “Every arena he wrestles in, every time he’s seen in public, women are divorcing their husbands, women are leaving their boyfriends – he is probably the biggest heartthrob right now in the WWF.”

Shawn wins with that “reverse crescent kick” yet again.

Shawn Michaels vs. Bob Backlund (WWF Intercontinental Championship defense, WWF Grudge Matches VHS, January 5th, 1993)

Lord Alfred Hayes: “I want you to keep an eye on Michaels as he defends his Intercontinental title. You tell me if there’s anybody who executes his moves better than him.”

Sean Mooney: “He certainly is one of the most skilled superstars I have ever seen in the World Wrestling Federation, and no one can deny the fact that he deserves to wear the Intercontinental belt.”

Lord Alfred Hayes: “In fact, many [previous champions] would say ‘I’m the greatest champion ever’ to hold that particular trophy, but I think Michaels is justified in giving that opinion.”

[After mounted punches to Backlund]

Sean Mooney: “Shawn Michaels is using such desperation moves – he’s usually much more disciplined than that, so obviously he’s experiencing a lot of frustration.”

Shawn Michaels vs. Max Moon (WWF Intercontinental Title defense, first episode of WWF Raw, January 11th, 1993)

Randy Savage: “He’s a legend in his own mind.”

Vince McMahon: “We’ve said before, he’s stuck on himself.”

Shawn Michaels vs. Reno Riggins (WWF Wrestling Challenge, January 24th, 1993)

 Gorilla Monsoon: “In tremendous condition, as always, is Shawn Michaels, and very proud, I might add, of that Intercontinental belt.”

Lord Alfred Hayes: “This fellow, Shawn Michaels, turns into the spectacular because he is nothing short of that. This is the most exciting, vibrant young man every time he makes a public appearance, whether he’s wrestling or not.”

Sean Mooney: “I would say he is certainly…gets an A+ for showmanship. Whenever he walks into a room, there is no question people take notice. I guess the gold helps too.”

Lord Alfred Hayes: “It certainly does. It gives him a lot more luster, a lot more sparkle. But this man is such an incredible asset to the ranks of the World Wrestling Federation. He is a superb Intercontinental Champion, and he’s proven on many occasions just how brilliant he shines!”

Shawn Michaels vs. Kamala (WWF Intercontinental Championship defense, WWF Bashed in the USA VHS, January 26th, 1993)

Lord Alfred Hayes: “He is indeed [The Wrestler of the ‘90s]. I’ve waited a long time for this match because everybody has been saying that his opponent is going to take the title from him, and I don’t see how that can possibly be done!”

Gorilla Monsoon: “I believe he can rise to the occasion, Alfred.”

Lord Alfred Hayes: “Oh, he can, indeed. This man really has tremendous armament to call upon. He is a little conceited, but I think that goes with the ‘skillful’ and ‘clever’ […] Whatever he boasts about, he certainly backs it up!”

Lord Alfred Hayes: “Good maneuvers, these, by Shawn Michaels, showing you how elusive he can be. He is so very, very good at that type of warfare.”

Lord Alfred Hayes: “He has a very subtle mix of primitive and extremely skillful. I rather like that blend.”

Gorilla Monsoon: “He is…sadistic, Al.”

Lord Alfred Hayes: “Well, yes, he is that.”

Shawn Michaels vs. Tatanka (WWF Superstars, February 13th, 1993)

Jerry Lawler: “I am the only one in there that is sufficiently articulate enough to brag on Shawn Michaels. I’m gonna tell you right now: this kid is great.”

Vince McMahon: “You never can tell whether or not Michaels is playing possum. He’s always thinking out there. There’s no way to really read the Intercontinental Champion.”

This match featured the debut of Shawn’s version of Sexy Boy, for those of you keeping score.

Shawn Michaels vs. Bob Young (WWF Wrestling Challenge, February 28th, 1993)

Bobby Heenan: “Tatanka’s gonna be upset at Wrestlemania IX, and I’ll tell you why: he’s gonna go in there too overconfident. He’s gonna be thinking ‘Hey, I knocked Michaels off twice: once non-title, and once in a six man on Raw. He’s easy pickings’, and that’s when Shawn Michaels is going to emerge the winner, ‘cause he’s not only in the greatest shape I’ve ever seen him in — mentally, he’s ready for any Indian!”

This match had a similar finish to the Kevin Krueger match I made a comment about earlier, which means he’s officially phasing out the Teardrop Suplex!

Shawn Michaels vs. Unknown Jobber (WWF Wrestling Challenge, March 14th, 1993)

Gorilla Monsoon: “Take a look at the Boy Toy, reigning Intercontinental Champion, Shawn Michaels! A lot of people are saying now, Brain, that this is the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time.”

Bobby Heenan: “When push comes to shove, when money’s on the line, he didn’t win that Intercontinental belt just by looking good, and walking around like that with earrings and strutting and talking and blowing bubble gum. He got there because he knows what to do in that ring.” 

Shawn Michaels vs. Joey Maggs (WWF Superstars, March 20th, 1993)

 [Camera shot to a female fan]

Vince McMahon: “Well, there’s a […] pretty young lady, perhaps looking on in appreciation of the man who calls himself the Sexiest Man Alive, Shawn Michaels. And it doesn’t matter how sexy he is. All that matters is how good he is when he faces Tatanka – and he is good! He is very, very good! He may be arrogant, but take nothing away from Shawn Michaels’ ability.”

Randy Savage: “He is very, very, very good, and he is young, and he is ready, and he is, uh, doing [his thing] in his prime.”

Vince McMahon: “Shawn Michaels can turn a match around quicker than anyone else in the World Wrestling Federation. No one can turn the tide as quickly as Michaels. Very, very cagey, notwithstanding his athletic prowess, this man is a tactician par excellence.”

Shawn Michaels vs. Tatanka (WWF Intercontinental Title defense, Wrestlemania IX, April 4th, 1992)

Randy Savage: “You gotta expect the unexpected with Shawn Michaels.”

[Regarding Shawn’s shoulder injury]

Jim Ross: “The big question is how much has [his shoulder] healed? How well has Michaels’ therapy and rehabilitation – how well has it worked?”

Bobby Heenan: “[…] It takes a long time for something like that to recuperate. Just shows you what a great champion he is, to gut it out in the ring.”

Randy Savage: “Shawn Michaels is a great champion. He’s here at the Roman Coliseum, defending the title even though we KNOW he’s been hurt.”

[After a flying clothesline from the apron]

Jim Ross: “What a high-risk move. Big time offense!”

Bobby Heenan: “With a bad shoulder! Imagine that!”

Randy Savage: “Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan, I agree with ya! Shawn Michaels…I know why he’s here! Fantastic high-risk maneuver, and he went for it – no doubt, it’s Wrestlemania IX.”

Shawn Michaels vs. Crush (WWF Intercontinental Championship defense, UK Rampage ’93 VHS, April 11th, 1993)

Jim Ross: “We will certainly see just how resourceful the Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels can be, ‘cause there is absolutely no way, in my opinion, Brain, that Michaels can go power for power with Crush.”

Jim Ross: “Shawn Michaels is a tremendous competitor. He would love to score a victory live in the Sheffield Arena for the entire UK to see.”

Bobby Heenan: “Oh you’re right about that, he’s got an ego. His ego’s bigger than the world! He’d love to pull off a victory over Crush.”

Shawn Michaels vs. Dale Wolfe (WWF Superstars, April 24th, 1993)

Vince McMahon: “Shawn Michaels is good, some would say he’s even GREAT. However, I don’t believe that he quite measures up to the skills – the all-around skills – of Mr. Perfect.”

Randy Savage: “Shawn Michaels is good, but Mr. Perfect is better!”

Vince McMahon: “You know, at one time Shawn Michaels [was an] extraordinary threat. Not that he’s not now, but I think he’s just not quite the same without Sensational Sherri in his corner.”

Shawn Michaels vs. Billy Jones (WWF Superstars, May 15th, 1993)

Vince McMahon: “He’s got time to style.”

Randy Savage: “Yes, he does, and he certainly takes his time to do just that.”

Shawn Michaels vs. Crush (WWF Superstars, May 22nd, 1993)

 [After Crush Gorilla Press Slams Michaels]

Vince McMahon: “That could very well be the way that Shawn Michaels’ career is going down – AW YEAH – ALL THE WAY DOWN!”

Shawn Michaels vs. Greg Johnson (WWF Wrestling Challenge, June 6th, 1993)

Bobby Heenan: “Don’t worry, I got faith in this man. This man is one heck of an athlete.”

Jim Ross: “He is a great athlete.”

Bobby Heenan: “He’s a great technician. A great, great wrestler. He doesn’t need to be jobbed like he is by the World Wrestling Federation. He’ll get the title back. I know what this man is made of. He’s too arrogant, he’s too cocky, he’s too self-centered. He’s gonna make it happen again.”

Jim Ross: “Well he is full of self-confidence, obviously.”

Bobby Heenan: “But you notice, he hasn’t lost anything. He’s still crisp. You can tell by his moves. You can tell by his acceleration.”

[After using a Perfectplex to win the match]

Bobby Heenan: “He can beat you with his moves, or he can beat you with anybody else’s moves! That’s an athlete!”

Shawn Michaels vs. Ross Greenberg (WWF Raw, June 7th, 1993)

 [After performing the Flying Elbow Drop from the second rope]

Bobby Heenan: “Beautiful move!”

Randy Savage: “Where did he get that one?”

Bobby Heenan: “He’s got moves you haven’t even seen yet, Savage.”

Shawn Michaels vs. Crush (WWF Intercontinental Championship defense, King of the Ring, June 13th, 1993)

[Discussing Shawn’s choice not to go for a count-out victory]

Randy Savage: “Shawn Michaels’ mistake was ego, there.”

Randy Savage: “Give Shawn Michaels credit: he’s in there, and he’s not going down without a fight!”

Bobby Heenan: “Shawn Michaels has made the biggest mistake of his life, maybe. He could have had him beat and then he let his ego take over! He keeps taking the fight TO Crush! When he was outside the ring, I’d have let him back, I’d have got counted out, I’d have lost the match, but I’d still have the title!”

Shawn Michaels vs. Kamala (WWF Intercontinental Championship defense, WWF Raw, June 28th, 1993)

Bobby Heenan: “Shawn Michaels is a fighting champion, and with Diesel in his corner, he’s gonna beat the Ugandan giant!”

Bobby Heenan: “That’s why he’s the Intercontinental Champ: he takes advantage of everybody’s mistakes. Kamala made a mistake, he’s on his back – Michaels is taking advantage of him.”

Randy Savage: “Shawn Michaels is great at what he does.”

[After attacking Kamala with Diesel after the match]

Vince McMahon: “This speaks to the kind of unsportsmanship [sic] conduct the Intercontinental Champion possesses!”

Shawn Michaels kisses his precious Intercontinental Championship belt in 1993

Shawn Michaels kisses his precious Intercontinental Championship belt in 1993

Shawn Michaels vs. Kevin Krueger (WWF Superstars, July 10th, 1993)

Vince McMahon: “As if Shawn Michaels wasn’t arrogant enough before. As if he wasn’t cocky enough, so to speak, before – now that he has Diesel behind, ugh, he’s too much! I mean, you don’t wanna even be around this guy!”

Randy Savage: “He’s got like a license to kill…”

Vince McMahon: “Again, the height of haughtiness…”

Jerry Lawler: “Hey, he’s good and he knows it. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.”

[Upon Vince randomly talking about Lex Luger slamming Yokozuna and hyping the latter’s match against Crush]

Jerry Lawler: “Did you not even wanna mention the fact that Shawn Michaels stood flat-footed and jumped into the air and dropkicked that man right in the face? Let’s give credit where credit’s due, this guy’s great!”

Vince McMahon: “He is – a sensational athlete…”

[After winning the match]

Vince McMahon: “There’s no question – Shawn Michaels is an extraordinary athlete. And now, in his corner, Diesel – that makes him a double threat! Just who will dethrone Shawn Michaels and become the next Intercontinental Champion? Who knows? Then again, Shawn Michaels can very easily have a very long and illustrious reign as Intercontinental Champion!”

Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Hahn (WWF Wrestling Challenge, July 18th, 1993)

Bobby Heenan: “Shawn Michaels is not afraid of anything. The reason he has Big Diesel as his bodyguard is [to have] an insurance policy because he doesn’t wanna get jobbed by the Marty Jannettys  in this world, or the Jack Tunneys.”

Shawn Michaels vs. Marty Jannetty (WWF Intercontinental Championship defense, WWF Raw, July 19th, 1993)

Bobby Heenan: “You don’t want to turn your back too many times to Shawn Michaels.”

Bobby Heenan: “[…] I would suggest that Marty Jannetty knows Shawn Michaels than Michaels knows Jannetty. […] I would say that Marty Jannetty was the superior of the two when they were a tag team years ago.”

Bobby Heenan: “Diesel’s there just mainly to keep the women off Shawn Michaels.”

Vince McMahon: “Ha, please.”

Bobby Heenan: “…tearing at his clothes, they’ve been screaming, it’s worse than Elvis, it’s worse than The Beatles, the attention this man’s getting!”

Randy Savage: “All the women I know don’t like Shawn Michaels…”

Shawn Michaels vs. Glen Ruth (WWF Wrestling Challenge, August 8th, 1993)

Bobby Heenan: “Probably the greatest athlete in the WWF today.  Hey, if you don’t believe me, just ask him!”

Jim Ross: “[…] the Intercontinental Champion, who obviously has his admirers, quite frankly, but he has no shortage of confidence.”

Jim Ross: “Very, very quick, and very, very proficient, and he makes very few mistakes.”

Shawn Michaels vs. Darren Trujillo (WWF Superstars, August 14th, 1993)

Jerry Lawler: “There’s a great champion for you there: Shawn Michaels! Look at this guy, I gotta love him. He’s so conceited, he thinks he’s as good as I am. He’s great!”

Vince McMahon: “Well, there’s no question that Shawn Michaels has extraordinary wrestling skill, a highly technical skilled wrestler.”

Randy Savage: “I hope he wrestles quicker than he gets undressed…”

Vince McMahon: “Mr. Confidence, Mr. Arrogance on the top rope now!”

Vince McMahon: “No question about the extraordinary timing of Shawn Michaels.”

Randy Savage: “Last time I seen somebody, uh, arrogant was ‘Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase getting pinned by the 1-2-3 Kid.”

Shawn starts phasing out the Piledriver as a finish and just goes straight for the pin after his ‘thrust kick’. The Piledriver’s not gone yet, though.

Shawn Michaels vs. Bob Backlund (WWF Intercontinental Championship defense, Summerslam Spectacular, August 22nd, 1993)

Jim Ross: “Shawn Michaels may be the hottest competitor right now in the World Wrestling Federation.”

Jim Ross: “Michaels is very, very cocky, very self-assured of himself and, of course, of his athletic abilities.”

Jim Ross: “You know, this is the kind of guy that you’d like to see someone make a little bit humble – slap his face. He needs a standing kick, I guess you could say.”

Jim Ross: “It almost seems as if he seems insulted that he’s wrestling Bob Backlund for the Intercontinental Title this close to Summerslam. It doesn’t seem like he’s taking it seriously!”

[After grabbing Backlund’s tights to get the rollup victory]

Jim Ross: “The resourceful Intercontinental Champion takes the easy way out!”

 Shawn Michaels vs. Mr. Perfect (Intercontinental Championship defense, Summerslam, August 30th, 1993)

Bobby Heenan: “If anybody [can get a threepeat with the IC title] it’d be Mr. Perfect. But he’s not wrestling an average man. He’s wrestling the best. And with Diesel, he’ll have a chance.”

Vince McMahon: “In some respects, Bobby Heenan, I think you would have to agree that Mr. Perfect has been the mentor, and indeed Shawn Michaels has tried to follow in the footsteps of Mr. Perfect. It’s safe to say that Shawn Michaels perhaps knows everything that Mr. Perfect taught him.”

Bobby Heenan: “Well, Michaels will never give up. The man’s not a quitter. You’re gonna have to pin him, or some kind of a fluke is gonna have to work for Mr. Perfect.”

Bobby Henan: “Look at the arrogance. Is that great? Is he confident? Is he conceited? Does he have it all?”

Vince McMahon: “Is he gonna lose the Intercontinental Title?”

Bobby Heenan: “Oh, you bet – wait, no he’s not.”

[After a near fall from Mr. Perfect]

Bobby Heenan: “No, no. He’s still got that fight left in him! Now that’s a champion!”

Vince McMahon: “No denying the skills or the tenacity of one Shawn Michaels.”

Shawn Michaels vs. Dan Dubiel (WWF Superstars, September 18th, 1993)

 Vince McMahon: “Most athletes in the WWF would admire themselves if they had this man’s gifts. And indeed, he is a gifted athlete, despite all of his histrionics.”

Vince McMahon: “Michaels, with so much athletic skill. So much psychology as well. And a scoop slam!”

Randy Savage: “Does it with style, does it with grace.”

Vince McMahon: “And does it with arrogance. Yup, that’s Shawn Michaels, alright. If you’re as good as Michaels, I guess you can be a bit arrogant.”

[After a power slam]

Vince McMahon: “See how quickly Michaels can reverse something? The man has unbelievable technical skill.”

Jerry Lawler: “And you’re talking about it like it’s a surprise to you. Everybody knows this guy’s the greatest!”

Vince McMahon: “I’m not saying he’s the greatest. He certainly thinks he’s the greatest.”

This was Shawn’s last televised match for a few months, as he would be fired, apparently for not having honored his contractual obligation to defend his title within a 30-day period.

Shawn Michaels vs. Dan Dubiel (WWF Superstars, November 27th, 1993)

Vince McMahon: “Shawn Michaels, one of the more clever individuals in the history of the WWF […]”

Stan Lane: “Well, there’s an expression, ‘Once a champion always a champion’, and obviously Shawn Michaels keeps himself in tip-top condition.”

Vince McMahon: “Now he gets to take a look at himself – his favorite thing to do, folks.”

They have finally called the ‘reverse crescent kick’ a Super Kick. It’s still not his finisher, however.

Shawn Michaels vs. John Paul (WWF Wrestling Challenge, December 12th, 1993)

Jim Ross: “Shawn Michaels – certainly popular with many of the young ladies here in attendance!”

Gorilla Monsoon: “If we looked like that, Jim Ross, we would be too!”

Gorilla Monsoon: “He is a quick, […] a superb technical athlete, is this young man, from San Antonio, Texas.”

Jim Ross: “Just got a bit of an attitude problem”

Jim Ross: “I believe, Gorilla Monsoon, that since Michaels has returned from his suspension, that he is even more aggressive than he ever was!”

Shawn Michaels vs. Phil Apollo (WWF Superstars, December 25th, 1993)

Vince McMahon: “You know this guy is so arrogant. He’s a great wrestler, you have to give him credit where it’s due, but he’s just so arrogant about it.”

Stan Lane: “Well he’s also very cagey and crafty.”

Vince McMahon: “Michaels with a great sense of timing! He is gifted as far as the skills are concerned in the squared circle, would you concur, Stan?”

Stan Lane: “I would have to say he is a constant [sic] professional. Not the biggest gentleman in the World Wrestling Federation, but one who has been very, very successful at what he does.”

Vince McMahon: “And one who will cheat, given an opportunity, to say the least…”

Shawn performed the Super Kick from the corner this time! No tuning up the band, and no, it was not his finisher this time around. It is still the move that sets up a finisher. His search for a finisher continues, and he uses one I’ve never seen before; it can only be described as a Flying Nothing Fist Drop, where he jumps off the top rope, turns in mid-air as though going for a crossbody, and then abruptly ends in a fist drop to the throat.


Shawn Michaels and Sensational Sherri in 1994

Shawn Michaels with Sensational Sherri in 1994

Shawn Michaels vs. Tyron Knox (WWF Raw, January 1st, 1994)

Vince McMahon: “Michaels, one of the more aggressive, and certainly one of the more arrogant individuals in all the WWF.”

Jim Ross: “He certainly says he’s the ‘Wrestler of the 90s’. I think ‘Mr. Machismo’ (Razor Ramon) has something to say about that!”

Shawn Michaels vs. John Paul (WWF Wrestling Challenge, February 2nd, 1994)

Gorilla Monsoon: “Oh, he doesn’t like being humiliated, does he?”

Stan Lane: “Oh, he cannot stand it. The only thing he hates more than humiliation is no mirrors being around.”

Stan Lane: “You know, I’ve known Shawn Michaels for a long time, and his attitude has definitely changed. It all happened when he got that 7 foot Diesel as his bodyguard, you know, it was an attitude adjustment.”

Fun Fact: Gorilla Monsoon uses the phrase Suplex City during this match. Funny how that and Attitude Adjustment would become mainstays in our current generation of wrestling.

Shawn Michaels vs. Gary Sabaugh (WWF Superstars, February 5th, 1994)

 Vince McMahon: “Shawn Michaels, truly one-of-a-kind, most controversial!”

Vince McMahon: “Shawn Michaels, a thinking man’s-type wrestler, if you would. Always thinking of counters […]”

Vince McMahon: “See the way Michaels – again, in the presence of Diesel, Michaels just getting right in the face, literally, of Gary Sabaugh. He won’t do that if Diesel wasn’t around!”

Vince McMahon: “Another victory for the Master of Chewing Gum…”

Shawn Michaels vs. Mike Moraldo (WWF Superstars, March 12th, 1994)

Johnny Polo: “This guy is great, he’s a rock star, Vince! Shawn Michaels is a rock star! You see that entrance? He’s got the entourage, man, he’s the goods!” 

I’m pretty sure I saw Billy Kidman in the crowd. This taping took place in Bethelem, PA, and he would later make his debut that year in Hellertown, PA, only a few miles away.

Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon (WWF Intercontinental Title, Wrestlemania IX, March 20th, 1994)

[After being attacked with the ladder]

Jerry Lawler: “Shawn Michaels has got to be superhuman!”

Vince McMahon: “What about Razor Ramon? He’s been on the receiving end of most of the punishment in this matchup!“

Vince McMahon: “You’ve gotta be kidding me! Nobody’s taken more abuse than Shawn Michaels in this match!”

[After quickly recovering being knocked out of the ring by a ladder shot to stop Razor from climbing]

Jerry Lawler: “He IS Superman! Look at him [climb the top rope]!”

This is the debut of Shawn’s trademark heartbreak-printed tights! Shawn’s figure is also progressively changing into the slightly slimmer, less stocky version of himself that you’d associate with him from 1996 onwards, a transition he started right after he came back from suspension. He may have also gotten tanner since he returned from suspension, but that’s probably my eyes tricking me. As far as characterization goes, Shawn took a lot of punishment in this match. It is the first sign of Shawn’s resilience being a strong character trait of his, even if he lost.

Diesel vs. Virgil (WWF Raw, April 11th, 1994)

Vince McMahon: “What a matchup at Wrestlemania; they’re still talking about the Shawn Michaels-Razor Ramon matchup, a matchup that no doubt took a great deal out of both men. Nonetheless, Shawn Michaels, undaunted, continues to challenge Razor Ramon, but on behalf of Diesel now.”

Shawn stopped wrestling for a long time at this point, instead focusing on managing Diesel. He would return towards the end of the year in a tag team with Diesel. The constant reference to Shawn’s match at Wrestlemania being a classic would go on for some time, but more importantly, it echoes in the way Vince would always talk about Shawn’s match with Bret at Wrestlemania all throughout 1996. Shawn’s penchant for putting on great matches was beginning to become part of his persona, but ever so slowly due to his in-ring hiatus during this year.

Diesel vs. Razor Ramon (WWF Intercontinental Championship, Raw, April 30th, 1994)

[As Razor and Diesel battle for the IC belt]

Vince McMahon: “Shawn Michaels, who lost the ladder match, one, if not the, [sic] all-time great matches in the World Wrestling Federation at Wrestlemania, King! He LOST the ladder match to Razor Ramon! He WANTS revenge!”

Diesel vs. Mike Moraldo (WWF Raw, May 16th, 1994)

Vince McMahon: “Conspicuous by his absence, Shawn Michaels, who apparently was partying along with Sly Stallone […] in a housewarming [party] […] in the Miami area earlier this week, along with Demi Moore and Bruce Willis…and Pee Wee Herman was there, by the way!”

Randy Savage: “A friend of mine!”

Vince McMahon: “…Shaquille, Madonna…”

Randy Savage: “I hang out with Pee Wee Herman sometimes…”

Vince McMahon: “Oh, really? Don Johnson, Whoopi Goldberg, Wesley Snipes – a whole bunch of folks down there joining Shawn Michaels and Sly Stallone!”

Diesel vs. PJ Walker (WWF Superstars, May 28th, 1994)

 Vince McMahon: “By the way, where’s Shawn Michaels?”

Jerry Lawler: “Shawn Michaels? He always picks this weekend to open his magnificent swimming pool at home.”

Diesel vs. Bret Hart (WWF Championship, King of the Ring, June 19th, 1994)

Art Donovan: “Now Gorilla, who’s the guy leading? What’s that, a second?”

Gorilla Monsoon: “That’s Shawn Michaels!”

Art Donovan: “Well, is he another wrestler?”

Gorilla Monsoon: “Former Intercontinental Champion!”

Randy Savage: “He’s one of the great ones, Art Donovan, believe me. Although I’ll tell you what, that’s why whoever the family member is that Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart has on the outside, he better be a good one, because Shawn Michaels is.”

Diesel vs. Dave Thornberg (WWF Superstars, July 30th, 1994)

Jim Ross: “You know, Shawn Michaels can really be the difference-maker when that big man is in the ring. Michaels, very shrewd – and if Diesel has any technical liabilities, Shawn Michaels MORE than makes up for them.”

Jim Ross: “And anybody that saw their Ladder Match at Wrestlemania X, I’m sure knows the rivalry that exists between Michaels and ‘The Bad Guy’. They’ll meet Live this Monday Night on Raw!”

Jerry Lawler: “That Ladder Match at Wrestlemania X was one of the greatest matches I’ve ever had the privilege to witness! I was sitting right there at ringside, calling the action, it was UNBELIEVABLE!”

The British Bulldog with 4 out of the 5 Kliq members, 1994

The British Bulldog with 4 out of the 5 Kliq members, 1994

Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon (WWF Raw, August 1st, 1994)

Randy Savage: “Who could forget the Ladder Match at Wrestlemania X? Possibly and arguably the greatest match of all time!”

Vince McMahon: “Shawn Michaels is gutsy, no question of that. Shawn Michaels, with tremendous agility and lightning-like speed!”

Randy Savage: “Definitely an opportunist, Shawn Michaels – The Heartbreak Kid, The Boy Toy!”

Randy Savage: “What an athlete Shawn Michaels is, don’t take anything away from this guy!”

Vince McMahon: “Michaels, very crafty, very cagey – and this, the first time Michaels has wrestled since that infamous Ladder Match at Wrestlemania!”

Randy Savage: “Well, he hasn’t lost a step, he’s gained one!”

Vince McMahon: “You have to wonder since this is the first match Shawn Michaels has had since Wrestlemania, you have to wonder whether or not Michaels sustained an injury in that Ladder Match! We see his back is bothering him – is that a result of an injury in that matchup, or is it a result of Razor being just that good tonight?”

Randy Savage: “I’ve figured it out, Vince! Shawn Michaels and Diesel just do what they wanna do!”

The Sweet Chin Music is still not his finisher! He continued to tease the Razor’s Edge and may have teased a Piledriver after the match, but it’s hard to say which it was, as he didn’t follow through. Also worthy of note is the fact that Shawn’s absence from the ring is speculated on for the first time (to my knowledge). This is going to be something of an annual thing, but of all the occasions where this sort of injury would occur, this is the only time where no one seemed to worry about whether or not Shawn would ever be back. 

Diesel vs. Razor Ramon (WWF Intercontinental Championship, Summerslam, August 29th, 1994)

Jerry Lawler: “Let me talk a little bit about Shawn – you know, I’m the only one in the WWF articulate enough to brag for this guy! Look at him! He is great – you know, he is so scenic, they’re thinking about making him a national park!”

Vince McMahon: “Is that right?”

Jerry Lawler: “Yeah! Look at the women in the audience! Look at the girls swooning…passing out over there lookin’ at Shawn!”

Shawn, in terms of his physique and his entrance attire, has almost fully evolved into the version of him we would associate with his “prime” in the 90s (I said something similar after Wrestlemania, but bear with me). Furthermore, I think this was the first televised match where he went to the corner and did the stomping motion, albeit quickly, before delivering the as-yet-unchristened Sweet Chin Music (unwittingly to Diesel)!

Shawn Michaels and Diesel vs. Paul Van Dale and Tony Devito (WWF Raw, September 12th, 1994)

Vince McMahon: “Shawn Michaels, showboating as usual. Michaels like to be referred to as one of the more ‘natural born ladykillers’ if you will…and Shawn Michaels, hogging the spotlight!”

Vince McMahon: “Michaels is smooth, no question about it.”


Randy Savage: “Are you talking smooth or cocky?”

Vince McMahon: “Ah, he’s all that and more!”

Randy Savage: “Shawn Michaels is good and he knows it and, ahhh, I don’t like ‘im”

Vince McMahon: “Not too many people do! And I’m not too sure that down deep, Diesel likes him…but nonetheless they are Tag Team Champions! That’s the glue that binds this tag team together! And no doubt they are awesome together! The cunning, the speed, the agility of Shawn Michaels, and that RAW DIESEL POWER, HOHO!”

Shawn Michaels and Diesel vs. Rod Bell and Kevin Krueger (WWF Superstars, September 25th, 1994)

 Jerry Lawler: “Can I ask you one question?”

Vince McMahon: “Of course.”

Jerry Lawler: “Why would you refer to Shawn Michaels as ‘arrogant’? Just because when he hears thunder, he takes a bow, doesn’t mean he’s arrogant.”

Vince McMahon: “I think Shawn Michaels would take any occasion to take a bow. Michaels has a high opinion of himself […]”

Vince McMahon: “I mean, sure, Michaels is good. Make no mistake about that.  Tremendous athleticism – but what a showboat.”

Jerry Lawler: “He’s cool!”

Shawn Michaels and Diesel vs. Bob Starr and Chris Canyon (WWF Raw, September 26th, 1994)

While there were no real comments here, I feel I should note a few interesting things. Shawn looks even more like his “later” self because he’s got stubble, which Vince notes on commentary. He also drops the elbow again (he did so in his previous match, and once or twice in 1993), which Randy notes as being “familiar”.

Video Package (WWF Superstars, October 1st, 1994)

“The incredibly cocky team of Shawn Michaels and Diesel captured the gold approximately five weeks ago. Since then, using the speed, agility, and wrestling knowledge of Shawn Michaels, combined with the size and raw power of Big Daddy Cool, the dynamic duo have made a very formidable and dangerous force to be reckoned with!”

Shawn Michaels and Diesel vs. Reno Riggins and Gary Scott (WWF Superstars, October 15th, 1994)

While nothing much of note happens here, it’s occurred to me that since Summerslam, they’ve been hailing Shawn’s superkick as ‘the move that cost Diesel the Intercontinental Title’. I wonder if that’s their way of saying that it’s finisher-worthy because Shawn’s still not using it as his finisher. Also of note is the fact that Shawn’s no longer wearing wrist tape and is wearing a different pair of gloves. He wouldn’t wrestle for the rest of 1994, alternating between commentary on WWF RAW and hosting the Heartbreak Hotel on WWF Superstars.

1995-1998 – coming soon!

Shawn Michaels lost his smile in 1997, but we promise to bring one to yours when part two drops soon!

Shawn Michaels lost his smile in 1997, but we promise to bring one to yours when part two drops soon!

So ends part one of our Evolution of Shawn Michaels Told Through Commentary series. Having reached 31 pages (according to our count in MS Word), this seems like a fitting place to hit the pause button! Stay tuned for part two spanning the years of 1995-1998 coming real soon.

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