Terry Taylor on Working With The ‘Stiff’ Von Erichs

Wrestling for Fritz Von Erich’s World Class Championship Wrestling was an interesting time for Terry Taylor. In his short stint in Dallas in ’88, he feuded with Chris Adams, won the Texas Heavyweight Championship from Matt Borne and defended it against Adams, Kevin Von Erich, and many others. Terry also held the tag team title with Iceman King Parsons for a short time before eventually parting for the WWF to become Scary Terry Taylor and later, The Red Rooster (cock-a-doodle-do!).

Before leaving for New York, however, he experienced several stiff beatings at the hands of The Von Erich brothers. It got so bad that he decided he had had enough and was going to take matters into his own hands backstage.

Kerry Von Erich delivering stiff shots to Terry Taylor at a May 21st, 1988 WCCW taping.
Kerry Von Erich laying it in on Terry Taylor at a May 21st, 1988 WCCW taping. This match can be viewed on the WWE Network here.

“My nose was broken, my eye was cut. I had lumps all over my head…”

In an interview with WrestlingPerspective.com, Terry Taylor opened up about his time in WCCW and what it was like working with the Von Erichs:

“When I worked for the Von Erichs, that was the most interesting time of my life. I worked with Mike, Kevin, and Kerry. Oh, boy, I had a pull-apart once with Kevin, Kerry, me and Iceman [King Parsons]. We had a pull-apart and my nose was broken, my eye was cut. I had lumps all over my head…

“[Afterward] I had a broomstick around the corner and when Kevin walked around the corner, I was going to hit him with it. I thought he took liberties.

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“[Kevin] came around the corner and he had five guys with him. I thought, ‘Oh, God, I can’t hit him with all these guys here…’ So I put the stick down – but I was still going to slug him.

“Before I could, he hugs me and goes, ‘That’s great, man. That’s the way we have to do it when it’s on TV…’

“I’m like, ‘Oh, for the love of God!’ I’m beaten to death and he’s like, ‘That’s great..?’

“To tell you the truth, I hit him as hard as I could too. After a while, it’s self-defense. He’d throw you into the corner and run at you and kick and you didn’t know if he was going to kick you in the toenail or on the top of your head. So you put a hand on your nose and a hand on your crotch and closed your eyes…”

This is just one example of many showing the nature of the business back then. As Roddy Piper once said, “I would rather you punch my teeth down my throat than you throw a popcorn punch!” In other words, you had to give off the illusion that what you were doing in the ring was real even if it meant a few potatoes (in this case, Texas taters) were thrown from time to time!

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