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FARTS IN WRESTLING: The Unfortunate Byproduct of Taking Bumps in the Ring

Farts in wrestling are one of the unfortunate parts of the job. Professional wrestling is a sport which requires a lot of squatting and bending over. On top of that, supplements and protein powder. It’s only natural a bit of free speech or back-end blowouts occur from time to time! Here are two stories about farts in wrestling that will open your eyes (or nose) to one of the byproducts of taking bumps in the ring.

Farts in Wrestling shows Bret Hart as he pins the Beast from the East via a bottom blasted victory roll at the 1993 King of the Ring tournament

Bret Hart pins the Beast from the East via a bottom blasted victory roll at the 1993 King of the Ring tournament, June 13, 1993 [Photo courtesy of the WWE Network]

Farts in Wrestling – BAM BAM BIGELOW Shares a Memory from King of the Ring 1993

“It was one of the best matches in my career, you know? Right up there, I think actually better than the Barry Wyndham match. I think even today people rate that as…Bret’s just such talent, you know? He’s a great guy. Me and Bret got along very, very well. We were very good friends, and we still are. We communicated really well. His style of wrestling complimented mine and my style complimented his, you know? He just liked to sell. Get some heat and he would like them big long comebacks and that’s what I used to like. Our chemistry was perfect together. Me and Bret always had good matches together. Always.

[When we were wrestling], it’s not like we were going to be running and doing a lot of spots, because that’s not my thing, you know? I move a lot more than most of the big guys, but it was easier for Bret, because like I said, he would sell. So I’d be able to pound the shit out of him, he’d make a little comeback, he’d get a little bit tired and I’d just pick him up and smash him and then grab a hold and just let him get some air because I knew he was tired.

It went on, twenty-something minutes. I still remember the finish, man. A little roll-up, a little victory roll, man, you know? I think when he did that, he farted right in my face, too! And I was like, ‘You son of a bitch!’

He went up, did a victory roll, I’m under and ::fart noise:: I was like, “Oh, BRET!”

You know, taking all that protein powder. Oh, he killed me, man! Oh God! Even [the ref] was dying going down for the pin. He was holding his nose! It was hysterical, man.

Bret, I loved Bret, man. He was just one of my best buds in the business.”

Watch the match (skip ahead to 20:38 to see the spot Bam Bam describes above):

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Bubba Ray Dudley looking like he's in a trance after realizing Mae Young farted on him during a match

Bubba Ray Dudley goes into a trance after realizing Mae Young left his bread basket with an uninvited blast of her own! [Photo courtesy of]

Farts in Wrestling – BUBBA RAY DUDLEY on 70+Year-Old Mae Young and the Time She Once Rippled his Bread Basket with an Uninvited Blast


“Let me ask you something that I have been wondering for a very long time.”


“Eight inches.” [laughs]


“Thank God! End of interview.

How on earth do you protect Mae Young when you are putting her through a table?”


“There is no such thing.”


“You can’t, right? Because I remember watching it, and I watched the tape over and over again, like, how does everybody not sit there going, ‘She’s not going to survive this’?


“I’ve got some good Mae Young stories if you would like to hear them.”


“I, more than anything.”



Tough, tough, tough woman. As a matter of fact, I always say Mae Young is the toughest man I’ve ever met in pro wrestling.”


“She gave birth to a hand.”




“That’s Mae Young.”


“That’s a tough bitch right there.

First time I ever slammed Mae Young in the ring, I remember I put her down oh so gingerly. And afterward we were in the locker room and she comes over to me, she grabs my wrist hard and she says, ‘Hey, hot shot! If you’re going to slam me, you slam me like one of the boys!’

And I was like, ‘Holy crap.’ ‘Yes, ma’am, no problem! Whatever you need!’ 

Then when I power bombed her off the stage, I gave her very specific instructions of what to do to make sure she did not have to absorb any bit of the blow.

She threw it all out the window. She threw herself right off the stage and took the whole thing herself! I had no choice.

And then she farted on me.”


“She did?”




“When? Then?”


“In the ring, yeah. It kind of rippled through my nuts.”


(laughing) “You felt it?”




“One of those old person farts. Did dust come out or anything?”


(laughing) “I don’t know, I was just too mortified to even look down.”


“Because you worry, like, if an old person, you watch them getting off the bus, you don’t want them to break a hip. You don’t want them to do anything!”


“I’m telling you, she’s tough.

After that whole thing, I watched her go to Vince McMahon and tell him, ‘I want them to powerbomb me off the top of the cage!’

I was shocked.”


“And that was ten years ago [when she was 73] and she’s still doing stuff.”


“She wants to wrestle her last match when she turns 100.”


“That’s her goal?”


“One thousand percent her goal. That’s what she wants, and if she’s alive and she makes it to a hundred, God bless her, Vince McMahon will let her do it.”


“Wow. Well, I always wondered if it was Vince going, ‘Goddamnit, Bubba, slam her through that table!’


“Nope. It was all her. She was so tough. So tough.”

While Mae Young never had the chance to have that match at age 100, we can only be certain that she’s out there somewhere, busting chops with tough men like Macho Man Randy Savage, Roddy Piper or the Big Bossman, ensuring that they never take it easy with her. What a class act. Rest her soul!

Watch Bubba Ray Dudley put the tenacious 73-year-old (at the time) Mae Young through some tables on Raw back on March 13th, 2000:

Bubba Ray Dudley takes Mae Young for a dive: Raw, March 13, 2000

FARTS IN WRESTLING SOURCES: Title Match Wrestling, The Sam Roberts Show


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