Sylvester Stallone, Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon at the 2005 WWE Hall of Fame.

Rocky and Wrestling: How the Italian Stallion Helped Shape WWE

When it comes to the success of the WWE, you can thank three people: Vince McMahon, Terry Bollea, and Sylvester Stallone of Rocky fame.
Lex Luger holding a baby during the height of the Lex Express tour, because why not?

Lex Express and The Failed Lex Luger Experiment

Hulkamania had run its course and Vince McMahon was on the hunt for a new hero. Cue: Lex Luger and the Lex Express. Oh, how it all went wrong...
Vince McMahon is not one to let his guard down. However, there was this one time...

Vince McMahon Goes Wild The Night Before Drug Testing

Vince McMahon doesn't let his guard down often. However, just before drug testing was implemented in the WWF, Vince got wild (and then some)!
Titanes en el Ring - Argentina’s Crazy Wrestling Show

Titanes en el Ring – Argentina’s Crazy Wrestling Show

WWE may merge wrestling with entertainment, but they weren't the first to do it. Titanes en el Ring was sports entertainment before many of us were born!
Sting attacks nWo member Hollywood Hulk Hogan at WCW Starrcade, December 28. 1997.

Sting – His Transformation and How He Rescued WCW From the nWo

Throughout this detailed timeline, we document the entire transformation of Sting and how he rescued WCW from the clutches of the nWo.
Moments after Hulk Hogan turned heel turn and joined forces with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash to create the nWo. WCW Bash at the Beach, 1996.

Hulk Hogan Turns Heel, DERANGED Fan Jumps into Ring to Attack nWo!

When Hulk Hogan turned heel, a deranged fan jumped into the ring to fight him. He was NOT prepared to deal with the consequences!
Lex Luger on Miss Elizabeth Death, Seeking Redemption

Lex Luger on Miss Elizabeth Death, Seeking Redemption

Lex Luger shares details on the death of his girlfriend Miss Elizabeth, his downward spiral that followed, and the redemption he has found since.
Vince McMahon gets shaved bald at WrestleMania 23.

Long-Haired Wrestlers… But With Short Hair!

There are many iconic wrestlers who have had long locks their entire career. Let's take a look into the past where you can see them with short hair!

Mean Gene Okerlund – A Tribute to a Dear, Close, Personal Friend

Mean Gene Okerlund was the voice to a generation of wrestling fans. As you'll learn, he was just as wonderful off-camera as he was on it.



CM Punk WWE Backstage Debut – Here’s What He Had to Say!

CM Punk is never one to censor his thoughts! Here's what he had to say about WWE creative, Seth Rollins, a potential return to the ring, and more.

Legends Live on in “Wrestling Then & Now” Documentary

Many legends of the squared circle have left us but they live on, not only in our hearts but in a film from the heart, Wrestling Then & Now.

Corey Graves on Travel Issues in Saudi Arabia and “Conspiracy Theories”

Corey Graves discusses the recent travel issues in Saudi Arabia and the “conspiracy theories” on the latest episode of his podcast After the Bell.

Silver King – His Tragic Death Raises Many Important Questions

In the aftermath of the tragic passing of Silver King, another in a long line of deaths in the ring, we have some very important questions to ask.


The Iron Sheik: The King of Heat on Twitter

A mix between hilarious & informative, if you're in the need for a lift, this piece on The Iron Sheik will be sure to turn your mood around for the better!

Wrestling Upsets | 6 Upset Victories That Left Fans Shocked and Confused

"It was one of the most surprising wrestling upsets in history. Things did NOT go to plan." Here are 6 upset victories that left fans shocked and confused!

Nostalgic Wrestling Photos | 20 Photos That Will Take You Back!

In our first ever photo gallery here on Pro Wrestling Stories, we've done some deep-diving and compiled a collection of some classic nostalgic wrestling...

Wrestler Cameos in Music Videos

Music videos were one of the main aspects that brought the then-WWE into the limelight, and there have been wrestler cameos in music videos ever since.