WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Fluke Finish – A Throwback to a Classic

The fluke finish fans saw at the WWE Greatest Royal Rumble in April of 2018 was a throwback to a classic, and here’s why.
Chris Jericho pondering the meaning of life mid-match against Fandango at Wrestlemania 29. [Photo courtesy of WWE.com]

WrestleMania 29: Chris Jericho’s Refusal to Put Fandango Over

WrestleMania 29 turned upside down for Chris Jericho when he was told he would have to lose to Fandango. It almost led to him quitting WWE!

The Top 10 Failed Tag Team Remakes and Rehashes in Wrestling History

Top 10 Failed Tag Team Remakes - Each of these tag teams had hopes of riding a new wave of nostalgia - instead, they fell flat!

Killer Kowalski on Dream Feud: Bruno Sammartino versus Lou Thesz

The late-great Killer Kowalski on the dream feud that never was Lou Thesz vs. Bruno Sammartino - here's the run down of how it might have taken place
"Who Is Wrestling's Greatest Monster Heel of All Time?" | Ask PWS

“Who Is Wrestling’s Greatest Monster Heel of All Time?” | Ask PWS

We were recently asked, "Who is the best heel wrestler of all time?" This got us thinking about some of our favorite wrestlers from the territory days.
Jim Cornette is No. 2 on our list of greatest managers of all time. Cornette remains a vital part of wrestling history and the wrestling industry overall through his podcasts, The Jim Cornette Experience and Jim Cornette's Drive-Thru. (Photo: WWE.com)

The Top 10 Wrestling Managers of All Time (and the Five Worst)

While wrestling managers are now out of favor with WWE, some of the best performers haven't been wrestlers: They've been the guys at ringside, getting heat.
Paul Jones - Wrestling Territory Star 'No. 1'

Paul Jones – Wrestling Territory Star ‘No. 1’

By the time the world got to see Paul Jones, he was a shell of his former self. Before becoming a legendary manager, he had a standout wrestling career.
Bruno Sammartino | Memories of "Our Forever Champ"

Bruno Sammartino | Memories of “Our Forever Champ”

“Hailing from Abruzzi, Italy…” Seeing Bruno Sammartino live was an experience young folk of today merely watching on video cannot understand.

Luscious Johnny Valiant Remembers the Legends

Memories from Johnny Valiant, in his own words, of the incomparable legends Dick the Bruiser, Bobo Brazil and 'The Original Sheik' Ed Farhat.

Steel Cage Match Disrespect: Bruiser Brody Refuses to Sell for Lex Luger

The steel cage match started out as any should, two professionals working together and putting on a show. It was all going to plan -- until it wasn't.