An alternate timeline: What if Bad News Brown won the 1989 Royal Rumble?

1989 Royal Rumble | What If Bad News Brown Had Won?

Through speculative fiction, we propose an entertaining alternate timeline in WWF history. What if Bad News Brown won the 1989 Royal Rumble?

Wildmen of Wrestling | 12 Outrageous Heels Who Pioneered Hardcore

These are some of the wildest, most outrageous heels the sport of wrestling has ever seen. These were the pioneers of the hardcore.

Marvel Comics and the Money They Made off Hulk Hogan

Marvel Comics owned the name Hulk Hogan for 20 years. There were many interesting conditions in the contract, but just how much did Marvel make off Hogan?
Hiro Matsuda - The Man Who Broke Hulk Hogan's Leg [photo design: JP Zarka of]

Hiro Matsuda: The Man Who Broke Hulk Hogan’s Leg!

Who was Hiro Matsuda and what were the events that shaped the man who Hulk Hogan claims broke his leg on his first day of training?
Image result for the mcguire twins wrestling

Human Oddities: The Most Bizarre Wrestling Attractions of All Time

From the freakishly large, diminutively small, and everything in between, these human oddities are the most bizarre wrestling attractions of all time.

My Friend, Harley Race. Stories Beyond His Grit and Determination

Bob Roop opens up about the grit and determination of his friend Harley Race, showing a side not often seen of the legend.
Father and son - Vincent James McMahon and Vincent Kennedy McMahon

Vince McMahon Opens Up About His Father, Vince Sr.

Vince McMahon opens up about his relationship with his father, Vince Sr., sharing a heartfelt story of the only time his father said 'I love you' to him.
Owen Hart - The King of Ribs sitting on his thrown.

Owen Hart – The King of Ribs | Stories of Heart, Humor, and Humility

Owen Hart ribs were amongst the best of the best. In this piece, we dig out some light-hearted stories on the infamous practical joker.
Eddie and Mike Graham

Eddie and Mike Graham – Years after Their Deaths, We Still Ask: Why?

Theories behind the deaths of Eddie and Mike Graham abound to this day. Learn about the legacy and tragedy that finally befell father and son.
Kerry Von Erich delivering stiff shots to Terry Taylor at a May 21st, 1988 WCCW taping.

Terry Taylor on Working With The ‘Stiff’ Von Erichs

Terry Taylor opens up about his time working for Fritz Von Erich's WCCW and the stiff beatings he received at the hands of The Von Erich brothers.