Great Antonio vs. Antonio Inoki Shoot Match That Almost Proved Deadly

Great Antonio vs. Antonio Inoki Shoot Match That Almost Proved Deadly

We look back at the time Antonio Inoki retired The Great Antonio from wrestling, an incident that almost proved deadly for the famed eccentric strongman.
The Dangerous Alliance - Larry Zbyszko, Rick Rude, Bobby Eaton, Paul E. Dangerously (Paul Heyman), Arn Anderson, and Stunning Steve Austin

Dangerous Alliance | Their Short Yet Impactful Influence on WCW

The Dangerous Alliance and their brief yet impactful influence on World Championship Wrestling in the early '90s with Paul E. Dangerously at the helm.
A bloodied Mick Foley (competing as Cactus Jack) competing in the finals of Japan's IWA Kawasaki Dream "King of the Deathmatch" tournament on August 20th, 1995.

Deathmatch in Japan – Mick Foley Has the Longest Day of His Life

The King of the Deathmatch tournament spawned explosive brutality, and according to Mick Foley, it was the longest, most painful day in his life.
Bruno Sammartino wins the WWWF Championship for the very first time after defeating Buddy Rogers in just 48 seconds at Madison Square Garden on May 17, 1963. [Photo: Pro Wrestling Illustrated]

Bruno Sammartino and Buddy Rogers – The 1963 WWWF Title Screwjob

This important moment in professional wrestling history between Bruno Sammartino and Buddy Rogers all but marked the end of one career and launched another.
Atsushi Onita in the first-ever Timebomb Deathmatch in FMW where he faced Terry Funk. May 5, 1993.

FMW – Rise To Prominence Led by Deathmatch Superstar, Atsushi Onita

How Atsushi Onita shaped FMW with blood, sweat, & a multitude of tears in a country that usually didn't support wrestling so short on skill & high on gore.
Tully Blanchard Origins - His Memorable Football Career Before Wrestling

Tully Blanchard Origins: His Memorable Football Career Before Wrestling

Whether it was football or wrestling, the spotlight has always shined bright on the second-generation star, Tully Blanchard.
"I never lost a fight, but I never started one either!" - Brian Blair opens up about the brutal shoot fight he had with Matt Borne (who was later known as the original Doink The Clown in the WWF).

Matt Borne (Doink The Clown) and His Brutal Bar Brawl with Brian Blair

Brian Blair is one tough S.O.B. Here, he details the time he got into a brutal fight with Matt Borne, who was later known in the WWF as Doink The Clown.
The notorious “Chicago Short Count” screwjob - a name many fans call the match between Gorgeous George and Chief Don Eagle from May 26th, 1950 at Chicago's International Amphitheater.

Gorgeous George and the Don Eagle ‘Chicago Short Count’ Screwjob

The Chief Don Eagle Screwjob of 1950 - a double-cross where the promoter denies nothing with the one and only Gorgeous George in the middle of it all.
“The Father of Puroresu” Rikidozan

Rikidozan – The Life and Murder of The Father of Puroresu

Rikidozan was the father of pro wrestling in Japan. With his fame came glory, crooked associations, and vanity. He would be killed as a result of it.
Ric Flair throws a few jabs at Mick Foley at WWE Vengeance 2006.

Ric Flair and Mick Foley – Their Real-Life Beef and Backstage Encounter

For over twenty years, growing disdain between Ric Flair and Mick Foley led to a heated backstage encounter where a punch was thrown.