WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Mark Henry.

Mark Henry – From the Olympics to the Squared Circle

From the Olympics to the squared circle, here's an intimate look at Mark Henry and his twenty-plus years in professional wrestling.
Tracy Smothers wrestling a muzzleless bear in Continental Championship Wrestling.

Tracy Smothers – The Wild-Eyed Southern Boy Who Wrestled Bears!

Tracy Smothers prayed before facing a 550-pound bear a second night in a row. The Humane Society and The World Wildlife Fund looked on.

Brock Lesnar – His Fight to Become UFC Champion

How Brock Lesnar climbed to the top of the MMA mountain to become UFC Heavyweight Champion despite not being wanted there in the first place.
Jake Roberts makes his way to the ring at WCW Halloween Havoc 1992.

Jake Roberts in WCW: Money, Grudges, and Personal Ruin

Jake Roberts faced struggles after leaving the WWF in 1992. This is the fascinating story of his short, controversial run in WCW.
Vince McMahon stands proudly underneath the current WWE logo

WWE Logo | 6 Nostalgic Designs From WWF To Today

The WWE logo brings an instant wave of nostalgia for wrestling fans. Take a stroll down memory lane and look at the logo's evolution!
Steve Blackman - Defeating Death and Locker Room Bullies

Steve Blackman – Defeating Death and Locker Room Bullies

In the ring, he went by the nickname "The Lethal Weapon." As these traumatic stories show, he is much more than that.
Big Show | 5 Stories Showing What Life is Like as a Giant

Big Show | 5 Stories Showing What Life is Like as a Giant

Life hasn't always been easy for WWE's Big Show, and as these five stories show, there's a lot more to the giant than meets the eye!
A fury skirt-wearing Andre The Giant appears in a puff of pink smoke and proceeds to punch everyone in the face in Cyndi Lauper's "Goonies R Good Enough" music video.

8 Times Wrestlers Made Cameo Appearances in Music Videos

Music videos brought wrestling into the limelight in the '80s. Wrestlers have been making unexpected cameos in them ever since!
Chris Jericho Joins a Long List of Champs Whose Title Belts Went Missing

8 Times Championship Belts Were Stolen or Went Missing

Over the years, these wrestling championship belts have legitimately been stolen or come up missing. Many have never been recovered.
United States Champion Ric Flair.

United States Championship | 10 Longest-Reigning Champs

The United States Championship has been held by many memorable legends. Here are the ten longest-reigning US Champions in combined days.