The Bushwhackers on How Lucky They Were To Survive The Early Days

Before Butch and Luke were a comedic duo in WWF as The Bushwhackers, they were a despised heel team who were very lucky to leave towns with their lives!
rvd beats john cena

RVD vs John Cena | The Unthinkable Occurs at ECW One Night Stand 2006

On June 11th, 2006, fans witnessed RVD vs John Cena for the WWE Championship at ECW One Night Stand. Fans were not prepared to witness the unthinkable!

Vince McMahon Saves the Day for Future Endeavored Workers

How my old boss Vince McMahon once saved the day for a lot of workers who had been wished luck on their future endeavors.

Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels – The Embarrassing Time They First Met

"Oh my god, this kid's an idiot..." The embarrassing moment Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels had when they first met in 2002.

WCW Big Bang – The Pay-Per-View That Never Was

One of the most fascinating 'what if?' scenarios in wrestling surrounds the demise of WCW and the advertised May 2001 WCW Big Bang pay-per-view.

DDP vs Randy Savage – The Heartwarming Story Behind Their Feud

The DDP vs Randy Savage match-up was memorable on screen, but the real story behind their feud will warm your heart and make your day.

Jerry Lawler – Becoming a WWE Commentator, Dishes on Vince, JR, PG Era

On December 3rd, 1994, an hour before going live, the career of Jerry Lawler changed forever after one WWE legend unexpectedly left for WCW.

Ivan Putski, Killer Kowalski and the Wrestling Bear Rib

The time Killer Kowalski played a sweet rib on Ivan Putski involving a hungry wrestling bear. "I told the bear to go get 'em!"

The Shoot Fight Between The Nasty Boys, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash

The Nasty Boys have a long history of anger issues. This occasion with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash was no different. The result? A nasty incident in the ring!

You Can’t See Me! – The Story Behind the Infamous John Cena Catchphrase

'You can't see me!' - How an inside joke between John Cena and his brother led to the creation of one of the most infamous catchphrases in wrestling.