The View From the Ring: Tales from a Wrestling Referee at an Indy Show

After 10 years away, our writer and wrestling referee, Bobby Mathews chronicles what it was like to make a return to the indy scene.

A Stinking Place to Die: Part II

Part 2 of a short fiction inspired by the real-life murder of Bruiser Brody

Conrad Thompson – On Top of the Wrestling Podcast Mountain

With such a glut of options when it comes to professional wrestling podcasts, there is one whose in front of the rest, Conrad Thompson - read our interview.

The Times When Wrestling Took It Too Far

The WWE has given us decades of entertainment in the form of staged aggression and enthralling stories, yet there are times when wrestling has gone too far.

A Stinking Place to Die: Part I

Deke Carter turned away from the lights and sea of San Juan. He was looking for something cheap. Something entertaining. And something cold to drink.

Netflix Gets GLOW Right — A Female Wrestler’s Perspective

Veteran wrestler April Hunter weighs in and tells from a female wrestlers perspective how Netflix's GLOW series succeeds.

They Called Him The Crippler: The Life and Death of Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit was a lot of things in his life, but no matter how talented he was, it will always be overshadowed by his death and the murder of his wife.

The Road Warriors: The Back Story Behind Their Formation and TV Debut

The beginning of a historic run that would result in The Road Warriors becoming largely recognized as the greatest tag team in pro wrestling history.

10 Wrestling Book Must Reads and 5 You Don’t Want To Waste Your Time...

The best wrestling memoirs are confessional and brutally honest. Here are the top 10 best wrestling book must-reads--and the 5 worst!

Deviants: Wrestlers Jailed for Abuse

Each of these stories is a cautionary tale: a reminder that wrestling--especially as it once was--drew many marginal people toward its tawdry spotlight.