"I never lost a fight, but I never started one either!" - Brian Blair opens up about the brutal shoot fight he had with Matt Borne (who was later known as the original Doink The Clown in the WWF).

Matt Borne (Doink The Clown) and His Brutal Bar Brawl with Brian Blair

Brian Blair is one tough S.O.B. Here, he details the time he got into a brutal fight with Matt Borne, who was later known in the WWF as Doink The Clown.
Mil Máscaras - No-Selling Prima Donna or Misunderstood Superhero?

Mil Máscaras – “No Yob!” Prima Donna or Misunderstood Superhero?

"No yob!" Is Mil Máscaras a no-selling, self-centered egomaniac? Or are the accusations of him being difficult to work with an unfair representation?

The Spoiler Don Jardine: The Man Who Trained the Undertaker

Before there was the Undertaker, or the Wrestlemania streak, before there was even a "Mean" Mark Callous, there was Mark Calaway trained by The Spoiler.

WWE Gang Wars – How Factions Changed the Wrestling Landscape in 1997

The WWE gang wars felt real as the segregation and stereotypes portrayed existed within the world. It all came to life each week back in 1997 and 1998.

Kalisto: The Spot That Nearly Cost Him His Life

Kalisto reveals a scary detail of his life and career, a spot that nearly cost him his life and almost had him quit wrestling.
WWE RAW Nightmare! | The Volcanic Eruption That Forced Big Changes

WWE RAW Nightmare! | The Volcanic Eruption That Forced Big Changes

WWE RAW nightmare! This volcanic eruption added an extra layer to an already challenging time on the road for the Monday Night RAW crew!
16 WWE Records Most Fans Don't Know About!

16 WWE Records Most Fans Don’t Know About!

With no offseason in wrestling, WWE Records are getting broken every year — records most fans aren't even aware of. We're here to change that!

The Shield – Original Plans Did Not Include Roman Reigns

The original idea of The Shield did not include Roman Reigns. Who was originally pegged to be in the group and who pitched the idea in the first place?

The Yeti in WCW – What Was That All About?

Why he was called The Yeti (when it was clearly a mummy), the wrestler originally pegged to play the role and the reasoning behind 'humping' Hogan!

FRED GEOBOLD: NYC Wrestling Radio Pioneer, Unsung Hero

Fred Geobold wore many hats in life- receptionist/switchboard operator at WBAI-FM, 99.5 in NYC, on-air radio host, folk singer, songwriter, and concert MC.