Pat Patterson | ‘Hard to Emulate’ Ring Psychology and Teaching the Greats

Some of our favorite stories are ones showing respect between two wrestlers. This story about the 'hard to emulate' Pat Patterson is no exception!

The Spectacular Brock Lesnar Botch That Nearly Plunged WrestleMania 19 into Tragedy

Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle and others talk about the spectacular botch that nearly broke the Beast Incarnate's neck at WrestleMania 19

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DRUGS IN WRESTLING: The Destructive Truth About Steroids Use in the WWE and Beyond

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The Von Erichs: Father Fritz with sons Kevin, David, Michael, Chris and Kerry. Kevin Von Erich is second from right.

Von Erichs: Kevin Von Erich on Being the Last Brother Alive

The Von Erichs are richly entwined in the history of professional wrestling. Sadly, they have also had to deal with an incredible amount of heartache.

The Iron Sheik: The King of Heat on Twitter

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Can-Am Connection – How Greed Killed WWE’s Potentially Greatest Tag Team

Tom Zenk and Rick Martel of The Can-Am Connection were poised to become one of the greatest tag team's in WWE history until greed got in the way of that.

Chris Jericho : How to Drink Like a Wrestler and Other Bar Tricks

Chris Jericho, well known for his drinking prowess, certainly has some interesting drinking stories to share. This installment only scrapes the surface!

HORNSWOGGLE: The Backstage Bully!

Hornswoggle has been known as many things- a leprechaun, a mini gator, a little bastard and even an illegitimate son- but a backstage bully?