Why Vince McMahon Needs To Set His Wrestlers Free

Using recent commentary and statements from legends in the past, we offer up a challenge to Vince McMahon - set your wrestlers free.
Jon Moxley | The Liberation of Dean Ambrose - Why He Left WWE

Jon Moxley | The Liberation of Dean Ambrose – Why He Left WWE

In his first interview after WWE, Jon Moxley gave all the details on what lead to him leaving and why he's at the apex of his life right now.

Dustin Rhodes – Proving to the World (and Himself) That He’s Still Got It

At age 50, Dustin Rhodes pulled off the greatest match of his career. Along the way, he rediscovered his love of wrestling.

Former WWE Photographer Details the Night Owen Hart Died

Former WWE photographer Tom Buchanan, who was 20 feet away from the ring the night Owen Hart died, thoroughly explains what went wrong.

Mark Henry on the Recent Lio Rush Backstage Heat: ‘He Lied To Me’

Mark Henry recently opened up about trying to talk to Lio Rush about his backstage heat. Instead of taking it on board, Lio Rush lied to his face.

NXT Referee Tom Castor Sustains Horrible In-Ring Injury, Calls End of Match

NXT referee Tom Castor showed huge amounts of resilience and dedication to his job after sustaining a broken leg mid-match in Omaha, Nebraska last night.

James ‘Kamala’ Harris – ‘God Sent’ Fans Help Save Harris Family Home

James 'Kamala' Harris ran the risk of losing his home due to unpaid property taxes. We are happy to report a positive update on this situation.

‘Kamala’ James Harris Desperately Needs Help to Save Home | How To Help

"Kamala" James Harris is in desperate need right now and is on the verge of losing his home. Details on how to support Mr. Harris and his family.

350 Days Wrestling Documentary – Available NOW!

350 Days, the documentary that was the talk of the wrestling world last summer, is finally available to order! We have all the details.

A Fond Farewell to The Genius Cast | How To Listen Early

Lanny Poffo bids farewell to his podcast, The Genius Cast. Find out why and how you can listen to this special final episode early.