Bobby Heenan - the greatest wrestling manager of all time.

Bobby Heenan – Behind The Brain of Wrestling’s Finest

Take a look behind the curtain on "The Brain," Bobby Heenan, the funniest and most talented man ever to grace a wrestling show.

James ‘Kamala’ Harris – ‘God Sent’ Fans Help Save Harris Family Home

James 'Kamala' Harris ran the risk of losing his home due to unpaid property taxes. We are happy to report a positive update on this situation.
AJ Styles and His Unlikely Journey to WWE

AJ Styles and His Unlikely Journey to WWE

The story behind his unlikely journey to WWE, who convinced Vince to sign him, and who AJ Styles' theme music was originally intended for.
Harley Race - 10 Tales on His Tenacity and Strength

Harley Race – 10 Tales on His Tenacity and Strength

Harley Race was considered one of the legitimately toughest men to ever grace the squared circle. These ten stories show why!

WWE Concussion Lawsuit | Lanny Poffo Shoots on Some Involved

Lanny Poffo recently gave his thoughts on particular people who tried to cash in on Vince McMahon via the now-thrown-out WWE concussion lawsuit.

Triple H: WWE Media Call Rundown (Thursday, December 10, 2015)

Triple H: "For NXT, I control the product and I don't on the main roster."
The Gorilla Position - Telling The Stories of Pro Wrestling's Storytellers

Pro Wrestling Stories Purchases the Archives of

Pro Wrestling Stories has purchased the archives of Read on to find out further information about this exciting news.

Lanny Poffo Auditioning for New Japan Color Commentator Role

Lanny Poffo to New Japan? Lanny responds to questions raised over a recent Wrestling Observer newsletter column by Dave Meltzer.

Why Vince McMahon Needs To Set His Wrestlers Free

Using recent commentary and statements from legends in the past, we offer up a challenge to Vince McMahon - set your wrestlers free.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Becomes Highest Paid Actor in Hollywood

From the squared circle to Hollywood, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has proven to truly be The Great One.