Remembering Pedro Morales, Our Champion and Hero

Pedro Morales transcended race, creed, and color. 'A deafening chorus still rings in my ears. In the middle of all of that volume was love.'

Les Thornton Remembered – The Original ‘Bruiserweight’

Les Thornton, who died at the age of 84 on February 1st, 2019, was a technical expert who laid the blueprint for future tough-as-nails competitors.

Dale Pierce Remembered – Wrestling Manager Extraordinaire

Dale Pierce simultaneously loved and loathed pro wrestling with a passion that only someone who has devoted their life to it could fully grasp.

David Gann Remembered, 1971-2018

David Gann wasn't a famous name. He wasn't any kind of star. But he was one of us. He was family. It’s our privilege to tell you about him.

GORILLA MONSOON: Remembering ‘The Manchurian Giant’

When Gorilla Monsoon appeared on WWF TV for the very last time at WrestleMania 15 in March of 1999, I didn't react well."NO! Tell me that's not him!"

Brickhouse Brown – Passes Away After Initially Kicking Out From Death

We are sad to report that Brickhouse Brown has, in fact, passed away on July 29, 2018 after initially kicking out from death nine days before.
SAITO Remembered: "Brother, He Was Double-Tough"

SAITO Remembered: “Brother, He Was Double-Tough”

"What everyone seems to remember is the arrest of Masa Saito – and subsequent conviction – while competing in the AWA in 1984."
Paul Jones - Wrestling Territory Star 'No. 1'

Paul Jones – Wrestling Territory Star ‘No. 1’

By the time the world got to see Paul Jones, he was a shell of his former self. Before becoming a legendary manager, he had a standout wrestling career.
Bruno Sammartino | Memories of "Our Forever Champ"

Bruno Sammartino | Memories of “Our Forever Champ”

“Hailing from Abruzzi, Italy…” Seeing Bruno Sammartino live was an experience young folk of today merely watching on video cannot understand.
Nicole Bass - A Tribute to My Friend

Nicole Bass – A Tribute to My Friend

When my beloved friend Nicole Bass walked into a room, everything just stopped. This is my tribute to her and her life.