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BRUISER BRODY: Details on His Murder and Influence in Wrestling

For years, controversy surrounded the murder of Bruiser Brody. Was it a cover-up? We look into this while celebrating his influence on pro wrestling.

Leon White – Rookie Mistakes and Stiff Lessons Courtesy of Bruiser Brody

From stiff shots to hard knocks, Leon White did not have an easy path into wrestling. This is his story of adversity before conquering the world as Vader.

Steel Cage Match Disrespect: Bruiser Brody Refuses to Sell for Lex Luger

The steel cage match started out as any should, two professionals working together and putting on a show. It was all going to plan -- until it wasn't.

Immigrant’s Song: The Death of BRUISER BRODY

The Death of Bruiser Brody may still remain a mystery but here are the theories and how it all played out when it came to getting justice.
Gary Hart and The Great Kabuki

The Great Kabuki and Gary Hart – Their Fearful and Timeless Partnership

Here’s the story of The Great Kabuki and Gary Hart, how they paired, and the destruction they left behind (under a veil of green mist)!
Ox Baker and his feared look and heart punch came years after struggling to put food on his table.

Ox Baker – The Endearing Heel Who Loved To Hurt People

With a heart punch that ignited a riot in '74 and a face only a mother could like, Ox Baker was one of the most deplorable heels in wrestling.
Sam Fatu, best known for his appearances with the World Wrestling Federation under the ring names The Tonga Kid and Tama, and with World Championship Wrestling as The Samoan Savage.

Sam Fatu – Wrestling in His Blood

Sam Fatu shares his favorite moments, what it was like to be there the night Bruiser Brody got stabbed, the legacy of the Anoa'i Family, and more.
Ric Flair and Terry Funk - Their Unforgettable Feud from 1989

Ric Flair and Terry Funk – Their Unforgettable Feud from 1989

WCW had a monumental task on their hands, and Ric Flair and Terry Funk were forced to answer the age-old question -- how do you top that? Boy, did they!
Canadians in Wrestling | 13 Individuals With a Rich History in the Sport

Canadians in Wrestling | 13 Individuals With a Rich History in the Sport

Canada has a legacy of producing such standout wrestlers and talent. Here are 13 individuals from The Great White North who have made its country proud.
A friendly ticket collector greets fans just inside the now demolished Sunnyside Garden Arena.

WWWF | Remembering the NYC Area Wrestling Circuit of the ’70s and ’80s

It seems so awfully long ago, but there once was a glorious time when the WWWF would run numerous cards a month, and fans enjoyed them all.