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Leon White – Rookie Mistakes and Stiff Lessons Courtesy of Bruiser Brody

From stiff shots to hard knocks, Leon White did not have an easy path into wrestling. This is his story of adversity before conquering the world as Vader.

Steel Cage Match Disrespect: Bruiser Brody Refuses to Sell for Lex Luger

The steel cage match started out as any should, two professionals working together and putting on a show. It was all going to plan -- until it wasn't.

Immigrant’s Song: The Death of BRUISER BRODY – His Legacy, 29 years later

The Death of Bruiser Brody may still remain a mystery but here are the theories and how it all played out when it came to getting justice.

BRUISER BRODY: A Detailed Look at his Murder and Influence on Professional Wrestling

A look into the death of Bruiser Brody. Was it a cover-up? Learn his influence on professional wrestling from people who were inspired by him.
How Sting and Harley Race Tamed "Stiff" Vader in WCW

How Sting and Harley Race Tamed “Stiff” Vader in WCW

What happens when you have a 6'5", 450lbs monster heel that is too rough in the ring? Well, you enlist the help of Sting and Harley Race, of course!
Shawn Michaels and Vader battle it out at SummerSlam '96.

Shawn Michaels and Vader | How HBK Sabotaged Vader’s WWF Career

After the feud of Shawn Michaels and Vader which culminated at SummerSlam 1996, Vader's career in the WWF was never the same.
A bloodied Mick Foley (competing as Cactus Jack) competing in the finals of Japan's IWA Kawasaki Dream "King of the Deathmatch" tournament on August 20th, 1995.

Deathmatch in Japan – Mick Foley Has the Longest Day of His Life

The King of the Deathmatch tournament spawned explosive brutality, and according to Mick Foley, it was the longest, most painful day in his life.
Atsushi Onita in the first-ever Timebomb Deathmatch in FMW where he faced Terry Funk. May 5, 1993.

FMW – Rise To Prominence Led by Deathmatch Superstar, Atsushi Onita

How Atsushi Onita shaped FMW with blood, sweat, & a multitude of tears in a country that usually didn't support wrestling so short on skill & high on gore.
Tully Blanchard Origins - His Memorable Football Career Before Wrestling

Tully Blanchard Origins: His Memorable Football Career Before Wrestling

Whether it was football or wrestling, the spotlight has always shined bright on the second-generation star, Tully Blanchard.
Ric Flair throws a few jabs at Mick Foley at WWE Vengeance 2006.

Ric Flair and Mick Foley – Their Real-Life Beef and Backstage Encounter

For over twenty years, growing disdain between Ric Flair and Mick Foley led to a heated backstage encounter where a punch was thrown.