Lucha Underground Recap (10/26/2016)
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Published on October 28th, 2016 | by Sean Hollenhors



Lucha Underground Recap (Oct. 26, 2016)

DARIO CUETO: On the take with aliens? AZTEC WARFARE on the horizon!


Author: Sean Hollenhors   /  Editor: J Zarka


There is a likelihood that Dario Cueto is in (possibly felonious) cahoots with representatives of one or more shadow government operative, as well as actual aliens, spooky earthquake survivors, and even just creepy professional wrestlers! The gem of the El Rey Network shines in all its gory glory.

Let’s get in the ring!

Match 1: Marty “The Moth” Martinez w/ Mariposa vs. Ivelisse


Pride of the Moth Tribe? [Photo courtesy of: Lucha Underground]

The atmosphere at The Temple is always moderately spooky, but nothing is quite as terrifying as Marty “The Moth” Martinez (who may be vying for Joey Ryan’s Top Moist Professional Wrestler championship) being gross and terrible to Melissa Santos. Thankfully, Ivelisse (shadowed by a “Mysterious Newcomer“)  is able to feed Martinez some fists to the mouth. While Martinez is a totem for gross sexism, it is refreshing that intergender matches thrive on Lucha Underground. There is a strong wave of intergender matches (also known as matches) on the independent wrestling scene and it adds greatly to the quality of LuUndergroundound specifically and pro wrestling in general.

Ivelisse is one of the best wrestlers in LU and seems to only get better when she teams with someone as her reigns as Trios Champion prove. Teaming with that Mysterious Newcomer could ramp things up.

Winner: Marty “The Moth” Martinez (via pinfall)

Match 2: Texano vs. Cage (Match 3 of 7)


[Photo courtesy of: Lucha Underground]

Dario Cueto‘s Ultimate Opportunity is fussed over the third time between The Man Called Cage and Texano in a really great hybrid-hoss battle. The fact that one or both of these guys are in jeopardy of being used as a “host body” for their troubles is carefully withheld.

Winner: Texano (via pinfall)

Match 3: Johnny Mundo vs. Sexy Star (c) (Gift Of The Gods Championship match)


[Photo courtesy of: Lucha Underground]

Over the last several weeks, Johnny Mundo has cravenly pursued the Gift Of The Gods Championship by begging and bribery. As LU’s premier egotist, Mundo has been lacking in singles championships which must be so galling for a talent like Johnny Mundo. That he graduated from the Randy Savage School Of Foreign Object Wielding is unlikely to be of concern to Lucha Underground officials whose HR and Safety department must have padded walls and straight jackets.

Sexy Star is relieved of her championship but remains one of the best wrestlers in LU, hopefully greener pastures await. Perhaps there is another way to capture the Lucha Underground Championship from The Monster Matanza Cueto.

Winner and new Gift Of The Gods Champion: Johnny Mundo

Other Notes:

  • It looks like we’ll have to deal with whatever is going on with these Alice In Wonderland nerds.
  • Rey Mysterio invokes a Loser Leaves Lucha match as way to deal with lingering issues with Chavo Guererro.

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