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STEVE BLACKMAN: ‘Taking Names and Taking on Life’


‘The Lethal Weapon’ Steve Blackman Inadvertently Saves X-Pac’s Life after Finding Him on Meth:


“I remember one time [on meth], I was standing up for so, so long. So many days. Steve Blackman lived with me out in LA and he was with me and he was out of town. Thank God he came back into town, he probably saved my life because I had been standing there for probably two or three days. My fucking feet were all swollen up and my cowboy boots I was wearing were busted on the sides.”

Teddy Long Talks about the Time Steve Blackman Took out Big Show

“Steve Blackman, you know, he was a karate expert or martial arts guy. Well, he was laying on his back on the floor. I mean, just laying on his back. And Big Show walked up in front of him and said something to him and Steve told him, “Get fucked,” or something like that. I saw Steve Blackman lay on his back, took both his feet, hooked Big Show and took him down and he never got up off the floor. That’s how tough and how bad he was.”

JBL vs Steve Blackman at an Airport

“WWF was in between shows at the local airport in late ’99, early ’00, and the wrestlers were waiting by the baggage collection bay when Bradshaw decided to dick about trying to push Blackman onto the moving luggage belt. Blackman turned around, unflustered, and planted a crescent kick flush on Bradshaw’s jaw, knocking him clean out. Blackman just picked up his bag and walked on.”

Bob Holly on the Most Dangerous Man on the Planet, Steve Blackman

“JBL liked to fuck with people. One time, he pulled up beside me at a stoplight and I knew something was up. At the next stoplight, I was looking at a map when John pulled up behind me and rammed my car right through the stop light into the middle of the intersection. Cars were speeding through but John kept on pushing. I took off pretty quickly. Steve Blackman was in the car with me and he was pissed. I thought it was funny but wanted to get back at Bradshaw so, after he got ahead of us, I did 95 down the highway and hit his back bumper. After that, John stopped fucking with me because he knew I’d retaliate.

Steve did not like that sort of thing at all but we were good traveling partners. We had the same schedule — wake up early, eat, work out, and go to the show. We didn’t like staying in expensive hotels. It’s very important to be on the same page when it comes to where you want to eat and stay when you’re traveling partners. I traveled with Sid, Billy Gunn, Scotty 2 Hotty, Kane . . . all great guys. But Steve was the most fun to fuck with. He could never stay mad at me. I can run faster than him anyway, and he can’t kill what he can’t catch.

As I said before, Steve is probably the most dangerous man on the planet. If you piss him off, you might just end up going missing. Somehow, though, I got away with it. When we rode together, I would drive and scare him on purpose. One time, we were heading to Chicago late at night in pouring rain. As we were crossing the Illinois state line, we came up on three semi trucks. It was hard to see because of the spray but I was fixing to pass them anyway. Steve looked at me and there was definitely fear in his eyes. He asked, “How can you see when I can’t see?” I told him, “I can see fine on this side.” The closer I got to the semis, the more worked up he got. It was a four-lane highway and I sped right between two of those trucks. Steve was scared to death. After we got past them, he said, “I couldn’t see a damn thing.” Then I told him I couldn’t either. He was hot — I just laughed at him and said, “What, are you going to hit me? I’ll wreck the car and we’ll both die right here.”

Steve got really mad at some other people though. At Kansas City airport, Steve and I were waiting around when Bradshaw came over. It was an early morning flight and John was still drunk from the night before. He started patting Steve’s ass. Steve said, “John, I don’t play that shit, knock it off.” John patted him again. And again. Steve was getting brutally pissed. He told him, “John, next time you do that, I’m going to knock your fucking teeth out.” So, of course, John did it again. Steve whipped around and backhanded Bradshaw, popping him with jabs in the face. John started swinging and missing, and his head was snapping back with each of Steve’s jabs. Steve stepped back, planning to kick Bradshaw’s knees out, but he got his leg caught in a bag handle. Al Snow and I grabbed Steve, Ron Simmons grabbed John, and we pulled them apart. John was walking back and forth like a bandy rooster, looking to fight. Before we left, Steve told him, “I’m going to fucking kill you.” He meant it too.

We got our car and got on the road. Ken Shamrock was riding with us. Me, Blackman, and Shamrock. That’s a dangerous car, and I’m the warm one — a teddy bear compared to the other two. That whole journey, Shamrock was poking and prodding Steve, telling him that Bradshaw was going to beat his ass. Steve wasn’t saying a word. And who did we see when we checked in to the hotel? Bradshaw and Ron were right there. The boys don’t always stay at the same hotels, so it was a complete coincidence and not a good one for John. He came over to apologize and Steve said, “No apologies, I’m going to finish you later,” then walked off. We found him in the gym, still boiling mad. Once we were in the arena and had sat down in catering, John walked in. Everybody went silent as Steve stood up. He said, “If you’ve got something to say to me, you say it now or I’m going to finish you in front of everybody.” Bradshaw walked over, apologized and said, “I shouldn’t have fucked with you,” and shook his hand. That was the end of it. Steve sat down and said, “Bob, if it wasn’t for that bag, John would be in intensive care right now.” Trust me, I believe it — if anybody can put Bradshaw in the hospital with one kick, it’s Steve Blackman.”

SOURCES: RF Video, The Sam Roberts ShowKayfabe Commentaries with Sean Oliver, Bob Holly’s autobiography: The Hardcore Truth


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