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YOKOZUNA – Larger Than Life


In this installment, we’ll be focusing on Rodney Anoa’i, or Yokozuna, as we know him from his days in the World Wrestling Federation.

From being fed laxatives on a plane to almost falling through the floor at Bo Dallas’s grandma’s house, here are some of Yokozuna’s best stories!

 THE GODWINNS on Yokozuna as a person, the unofficial policemen of the locker room and the BSK

Yokozuna (far right) with his New Generation-era clique the ‘Bone Street Krew’- Savio Vega, Rikishi, Henry O. Godwinn, Charles ‘The Godfather’ Wright and Undertaker

“What was Yokozuna like as a person? He was awesome, in the ring and out, and he would invite us to huge barbecues where he lived in California and we always felt invited and comfortable around his family.

(On the Bone Street Krew) Yoko and Undertaker came up with it, all the members got tattoos, including Godfather, Savio Vega, Krush, Paul Bearer, & Rikishi.

They were the unofficial policemen of the locker room. Wrestling court did exist, and either it was Undertaker, Ron Simmons, or Yokozuna who held court and people would present their case, and then a decision would be made. Typical punishment would happen if people disrespected themselves or the company. Sunny was one person who went through the system.”

BO DALLAS tells a story about Yokozuna forcing him and his father Mike “IRS” Rotunga to change their dinner plans

Bo Dallas, current WWE superstar and son of Mike ‘IRS’ Rotunda, tells a Yokozuna story

“We were up at my dad’s home state in New York. I went on a tour with my dad and he was bringing back some of his friends/Superstars to his mom’s house. There was a group coming in and my grandmother’s house is kind of old. It’s in New York and it has that basement underneath so the top floor is kind of hollow. As the Superstars are coming in and we’re waiting in the kitchen, Yokozuna was one of the ones that came in. He took the first step onto the floor, into the kitchen, and you hear all the boards crack like it’s about to fall through. We all looked at each other like oh no, ‘this can’t be good.’ He took another step and it sounded as if he were to take one more, he would have fallen through to the basement. Everybody had to leave and we went and ate somewhere else because the ground couldn’t hold Yokozuna, at my grandmother’s house.”


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