JIM CORNETTE on Triple H, The Curtain Call, Stephanie and Nepotism in the WWE
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Jim Cornette, pictured here in the mid 90’s- not afraid to hold back what he thinks

A few people have requested that I feature a bit of Jim Cornette, one of wrestling’s most polarizing, uncensored mouthpieces- so here we are! Never one to hold back what’s on his mind, this story is bound to strike up some good conversation which I look forward to reading. I transcribed this from the video (link below) and edited out a few ‘I said’s and ‘I mean’s to help with the overall flow of reading. I hope you enjoy it!

“I [got along with Triple H] until, when he first got there, you know, he was one of the guys. You know, fine, etcetera. I was in the fucking office; he was one of the boys. When they did that curtain call thing, you know, I wasn’t the only one mad. I was throwing my fucking suit bag down the goddamn Madison Square Garden hallway! I assume everybody knows what the Curtain Call is. I don’t need to go into it. Jerry Brisco was kicking fucking walls. He wanted to fucking stretch all of them as soon as they came back. Everybody was fucking hot because it was…

They took a shit on Vince McMahon’s dining room table, the guy who was paying them. The Madison Square Garden show was to his father and to him. At that time, the yardstick measured success in the business. And just because they had their little ‘Billionaire Boys Tree Club’, they had to go out and expose the business and have a big fucking circle jerk. And okay, who was Vince McMahon going to discipline? It was Kevin Nash’s last night. It was Scott Hall’s last night. Shawn Michaels was the champion. So Hunter Hearst Helmsley, who was supposed to win the King of the Ring, didn’t win the King of the Ring. Cost him about a hundred to a hundred fifty thousand dollars that year. Probably what he would have made and what he didn’t make. He was punished because he went along with the other three fucking guys.

So I actually went up to him, I said, “Look, you made a mistake. You let these other guys…” I said, “Who got punished? You got punished. Because he ain’t gonna fucking discipline Shawn because he’s the champion. What’s he going to do to Hall and Nash? So you’ve got it. So you let these guys get you into a position and you shouldn’t have done it. You shit on the business. All the guys were hot at you.”

And he had been told to apologize. He went around and apologized to everybody, to all the boys Helmsley did. He apologized to me.

“Sorry I shouldn’t have done that, it was fucking bullshit…” blah blah blah. Seemed very genuine.

What happens? A couple years goes by. Meanwhile also, Steve Austin wins the 96′ King of the Ring. So THANK YOU because the curtain call, if nothing else, gave us one of the biggest stars in the, well the biggest star in the history of the business.

But then a couple years goes by and now Russo’s work shoot shit’s in full mode and there they play some fan’s camcorder on Raw of the curtain call and Helmsley said, “I apologize but I knew we were revolutionizing the business.”

He never meant it. He was a fucking kiss ass and a suck up then. Now he doesn’t need to kiss ass and suck up because he’s licking the right crack! So therefore, he doesn’t need to suck anybody. But the point is, he didn’t mean it when he apologized to me. He didn’t mean it when he apologized to the boys. He didn’t mean it when he said he was sorry that he exposed the business.

And so, you know, as his brow increases from steroid or HGH use, so does his ego from fucking being irreplaceable because he’s got the keys to the kingdom. Because he’s fucking married to the boss’s daughter- who took the job as head of creative straight out of college. I think Stephanie is a bright girl and I never had a cross word with her, but she needs to be the head of creative like I need to be the head of fucking NASA! Because I know as much about the fucking Hubble Space Telescope as she knows about fucking booking wrestling. It’s fucking ridiculous! Nepotism and fucking corporations have led us to where we are in the wrestling business, which is why Dana White and the UFC are kicking all of our asses! Because they’re doing pro wrestling from thirty years ago and they’re doing it better than we are.”

SOURCE: Jim Cornette shoot video on YouTube (unfortunately the video has since been removed for copyright infringement, but if someone has a mirror link, leave it in the comment section below and I’ll update this space!)


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