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Undertaker’s ‘Bone Street Krew Pride’ tattoo

“One of Undertaker’s most distinctive tattoo’s is the B.S.K Pride one across his abdomen.

It was actually a drunken etching Taker got done one night when hanging out with other wrestlers and joking about forming an alternative backstage group to Shawn Michaels’s Kliq. The ‘Bone Street Krew’ was born, consisting of Taker, Yokozuna, Charles Wright and others. This has been confirmed in shoot interviews from Nash, X-Pac and Paul Bearer.

The group was more a bit of fun and camaraderie compared to the real power of the Kliq. Undertaker was actually good friends with Kevin Nash, so it wasn’t like he was trying to rival the Kliq or take a dig at them. This was just a fun way to send a message to the Kliq that there were other things going on backstage in the WWF.

The decision to get the drunken tattoo might be one Taker regretted given that the group had no real lasting infamy, but still, it looks pretty badass to this day.”

Taping His Fists Up and Threatening SHAWN MICHAELS

The Undertaker waits behind the curtain with taped up fists as Steve Austin fights Shawn Michaels for the title, Wrestlemania 14, March 1998

(Note from Pro Wrestling Stories editor: What, did you think you’ve gone this far thinking I forgot to include the most infamous backstage Undertaker story of all? Come on now!)

The most infamous backstage story about Undertaker is always going to be the occasion he taped his fists up and threatened violence against Shawn Michaels.

Taker did this because he had got sick and tired of seeing Shawn mess around with WWF business. The Heartbreak Kid had pulled out of a planned loss to Bret Hart at WrestleMania 13 due to an injury (which some believe he faked), he later went on to ‘screw’ Bret Hart at Survivor Series 1997 in what was a shock to the entire locker room. By conspiring with Vince to change a result without his opposition knowing, Michaels had betrayed the entire locker room – Undertaker was legitimately furious.

When it came to WrestleMania 14 it was the turn of Steve Austin to get a run with the WWF title. Austin was the hottest thing going and a genuine shot for the WWF to become a financial success again. Would Michaels do the right thing and put the star over? Undertaker as locker room leader was taking no chances. He got in Michaels’ face and showed his fists, letting the egotistical star know that if he did anything other than putting Austin over he would face the consequences.

The result went off without a hitch: Michaels lost to Austin clean and the most successful era in the business was started.

Meanwhile, Undertaker unwrapped his wrists and carried on with his business as normal.

Shawn Michaels’ take on this:

“Back then, Mark didn’t like me. But at no time has he ever claimed that he said anything to the face of Shawn Michaels, and that’s because he didn’t. Mark went to everybody and told them, ‘If this doesn’t go down the way it should, I’m going to have a big problem and Shawn is going to have a big problem. I’ll go over there and beat the heck out of him.’ But he never had to say anything to me. My whole intention at WrestleMania XIV was to drop the belt to Steve, but I was going to make everybody sweat it out and make them think I wasn’t. Obviously, I got that accomplished. That’s extremely unprofessional, but that’s exactly who I was and what I was doing.”


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